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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by da_sAUCE!, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. yeah so I took like a quarter pound of stem material and maybe a quarter oz of bud and blended it to powder and let it sit in mason jars covered in Everclear or "ethanol" for 2 weeks.

    last night I took it out and strained it and took the remaining DEEP green liquid and set it on foil to dry. Today I collected a extremely stick brown goop from the foil and took some and smeared it on some ground schwag. im so baked it's hard to type.
  2. sounds like you pulled in a lot of plant material into there. still cool, though, it gets rid of most of the bulk in the qp. i wouldn't use everclear because the ethanol content is low and the water (or something?) that remains after the alcohol goes away will take a long time to evaporate.

    two weeks is way too long for the stuff to sit, you will end up with a lot of pretty much useless plant matter.

    in the future (if you want to make high quality stuff), let the stems/bud sit in the jar for five minutes, in 100/99% ethanol/isopropyl. shake it up every minute. put it through a coffee filter into a glass or other scrapable material pan. let this green compound it somewhere cool and ventilated. scape off the green when done.

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