Eternity is NOW

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    So I happened to meditate on a particular thought:

    The common conception that death is a precursor to an eternal state thereon, whether it's heaven, hell, or no existence at all pretty much defies the concept of eternity/infinity. If there is a start point, it is not truly infinite, or eternal. Eternity was, has, and always will be. Simple as that. Birth and death are transitions within the bigger picture of eternal change.

    Before being born, was I simply just non-existent until my birth? If so, did that non existence have a beginning point? If not, then how did it have an endpoint? Basically, was I non-existent forever until I was born? With these questions it becomes really simply to see the endless amount of paradoxes.

    We are already in eternity, and will continue to be part of the eternal change and infinite "cosmic manifestation."
  2. as the matrix unfolds before your eyes, no matter how short its stay, which pill do you take next?
  3. Even if This is eternal, it can only be right now.
  4. the moment is infinite. the moment is eterny

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