Estimated yield? UK greenhouse grow

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  1. I'm a first time grower from the UK, and decided I grow a few plants in the greenhouse with my family. We were relatively laid back and just let them grow naturally. We grew 4 autoflowers and 1 photoperiod. The autos are starting to bud, whilst the photoperiod is a week or two from starting to bud. I was wondering a rough estimate of a yield? I have attached pictures and have some more if needed[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. One looks like a male
  3. But hard to see
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  4. t
    theyre all female, the one which looks male was planted a couple days later than the others so hasnt produced as much bud yet. theyre all just under a week into budding
  5. also the first and the last pics are the photoperiod one, the other pictures are all the autoflowering ones
  6. Three reefers. Or five, maybe six. Could be twenty...

    How are uninformed opinions about the potential yield of your grow going to actually influence the final outcome?

    Try to be realistic. Nobody knows. Get what you get, and be happy you got it. :)
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  7. hahaha yeah i know was just wondering what other people thought but thanks
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  8. Dont worry about yield, as said already, you get what you get. But you should worry about things like mold and bugs. Make sure there lots of airflow in there and put up a few sticky traps to monitor the bug situation.

    But other than that you're doing fine.
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  9. Yeah airflow is probably the only problem I'll have because it's quite cold here so I have to keep the doors shut to retain any heat, but it's quite a big greenhouse so it should be okay

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  10. Be sure to use big fans and a lot of them. Green house is trickier than most folks think. The temp and humidity swings are really huge compared to indoor. Monitor the RH closely, and don't be afraid to run dehumidifiers if needed, especially at night during flower. 40 RH or lower is a number I would shoot for from here on out.
    I hope you enjoy growing autos in your green house. I think its fun and quite rewarding.
  11. ^^ yield wont matter if you get bud rot. get some fans on them girls!

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