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Estimate on how long THC will stay in my system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bledwhite, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum... anyway, I may be getting tested for an internship I am starting at school. I realized this about a month ago and stopped smoking. Prior to that, I had been smoking very regularly (every day several times a day for the past 6+ months, every day before then but usually only one bowl except for some weekends).

    I stopped around August 18 (rough estimate) BUT I did slip a few times. Smoked half a bowl about one week after "quitting," and took a puff of a joint September 10th (a very small hit). Everytime I slipped it was a very minimal amount.

    I am female, 4'11" and about 115lbs. My test would be around October 4th. I just want to know if I'll be okay... I have a bladder condition so I pee more than normal people anyway, have been eating a lowfat high fiber diet and have been drinking lots of tea and water. I also walk a decent amount, go dancing once a week and do some light weight training a couple times a week so I do get a fair amount of exercise.

    Do I need to be as paranoid as I am?? Please be honest.

    Thanks SO much!!!
  2. 30 days or less in my experience
    I have passed several test for jobs doing the same things you are
    You should be fine
    So long you don't take a quick hit before your test :smoke:
  3. Yes you should be just fine. Do NOT smoke anymore though.
  4. As long as you exercise you can get clean pretty fast thc sticks to your fatty cells........took me 4 days after smoking for years.....and I am not a light smoker...........I did work out like a mad man though......
  5. Okay, maybe I will just try to work out more in the next week or so then since I still have 2 weeks..?

    I'm thinking I'll just buy a take home test and do it a couple days beforehand to see if I am good. If not then a friend told me Fruit Pectin works everytime. Anyone else know if it does?

    Thanks so much guys.
  6. theres a tea i drink for probation to pass my test if ya want but if ya really concerned about failin i'd say quit takes about 30 days
  7. you puffed a joint on my birthday, yay! haha

    anyways i wouldnt sweat it too much, ive heard that exercise up until a few days before the test can help. same with drinking water before the test. but i dont really know.

    also, kinda on topic, ive heard that if you dont smoke for a long time then smoke again it gets out of your system in like a week. anyone have any info on this?
  8. Well yeah I did quit, as I said... I just cheated two times, half a bowlpack and a puff of a joint on two separate occassions a couple weeks apart. That's why I am concerned.

    What tea is it?
  9. thats what the last part of my post was about, if its true than it might be out of your system already
  10. Haha, take this from a guy who posted on here about a test i suddenly found out about that was FOUR DAYS after my heavy smoking session... you should be fine (i weigh around 170-180 btw)
  11. honestly, best way is with someone elses pee and handwarmers. ive done it and its great. no worries that you will fail.
  12. Okay, hopefully it is out of my system! Everyone is telling me since I am so small it probably is, but I'm not super skinny or anything, I have average body fat/bmi so I wasn't sure.

    Also, I'm not sure how I'd pull of the whole usin someone elses' pee thing though... I'm a girl so I feel like it would be difficult? Especially if someone would be in the bathroom with me... I'd just be really nervous doing that!

    Thanks for all your help!

  13. Are you very athletic or did you take any special precautions in order to pass..? My metabolism isn't the fastest in the world, I do have to watch what I eat or I can gain weight somewhat easily.. sucks! But I am small.. 4'11" and around 115lbs.
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    Sounds like you are working yourself up more and more
    That might lead to you taking a puff puff here again
    Take it easy
    Don't smoke until you get past the test
    If the problem is that people around you smoke then you are gonna have to stay away from temptation as best as you can
    30 days is the lucky number
    Or you can buy a 50 dollar cleansing drink at GNC which I have used 2/2 and I was more paranoid about failing than you are ;)
  15. you should be fine!
    dont worry about it
    just keep doin' what ur doin' :hello: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  16. You are going to fail.

    Just my opinion.
  17. It depends on the test involved.. I'm pulling this info from erowid.org. The 30 day mark is usually good for urinalysis, typically detectable in a blood test within 3 days, and saliva testing is used to indicate very recent use, like a day or two. As long as you drink plenty of fluids and refrain from smoking you should be good. As previously mentioned, exercise is good too.
  18. there is no such thing as thc jus a name the government made up to make weed illegal :eek:

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