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  1. Ok, I'm going to be growing very soon, but first I need to make my soil and I have questions.

    1. I will be using soil that is in a garden, but are there essential things I should add to my soil? Like perlite or lime?

    2. There is a swamp right next to my grow. Can I use the water there or it isn't any good?

    3. In the swamp there are lots of dead black leaves. Can I add that to my soil mix?

    4. I have lot's of ashes. Is that any good for my soil?

  2. Just buy potting soil, and have some with phosphorus to support root growth. During veg groth feed it with some all purpose plant food, and during flowering tomato plant food works well. Mix it in with water and spray under leaves. Hope this helps.

    - Vince
  3. Hears to the swamp!!! I am expecting to grow on the edge of a swamp near my house, hopefully the wet(ish) ground will make watering unneeded, and i think the soil is fertile, although I will probally dig a 1 foot hole and fill it with top soil. I wouldn't add any Ashes to your soil they don't contain any nuits. Using Swamp Mud would probally grow some Huge tops, but as it is now that black sludge isn't any good - I'd add 2 parts Peat Moss and 1 part perlite/vermiculite and 3 parts Swamp mud. (I know that its rich in either Nitrogen or Phosphuros, i'll ask a bio major which tonight).

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