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  1. A defining character of our species is tool-crafting and carrying. Name the essential tools of life, as well as good tools to keep on you. Justify your answers (if you choose).

    Small pointy object-

    We don't have any anatomy that is small and pointy; no claws, tails, teeth, tongues that are very acute. Steep points are good for many things, such as removing splinters, making precise incisions, and engraving.

  2. Can it be shit that's already been created, or does it have to be like our own invention? A knife is a good choice. Kill animals for food, then cut em up into chunks and fry them. Can be used to cut anything really. Bread, veggies, rope, junkies.
  3. Lets see...

    Rolling papers, grinder, vape, pipe, bong, water, munchies, pokey, filter paper, lighter, and kush
  4. Yeah, you're right on it.

    small piece of string:

    if you don't carry one, you should at least know how to make one.

    I can make cordage in any Appalachian environment, with no tools.

    String is always handy, and can be essential in first aid, as well as trapping and general fastening.
  5. easiest way I can think of to make a fire on the fly without a lighter or matches.
  6. cellphone, incredibly hard to function without this form of communication

  7. Guess you have never seen my cock OHHHHHH self burn :p
  8. A pouch or pocket:

    Yet another apparatus not gifted us by evolution, we have very limited packing capabilities without one of these.
  9. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']The internet[/quote]

    Haven't seen you around in a while man. I've missed your sarcastic/hateful replies :p
  10. Hate is such a strong word...
  11. if we talking about survival defiantly a swiss army knife
  12. Always in my pockets:

    The shit I carry in my backpack would take too long to list... bunch of wrenches and the like since I ride a bicycle :D
  13. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']Hate is such a strong word...[/quote]

    Sarcastic? Arrogant? Decietful? Style? It's whatever you wanna call it
  14. Tools!

    Good replies to those posting their essentials.

    Any more?
  15. A pot or tin cup of some kind. Be nice to have something you could boil/purify water and cook with.

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