Essential stoner tools to keep in your car?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by LulledAwake, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. My friend is getting her license this thursday (hopefully.) and I was thinking this would be a good thread. I searched and haven't found one like it. (This is my first post on Grasscity!)

    So guys, what do you keep in your car?
  2. License and Registration, nothing else.
  3. Nothing other than a lighter. I don't want to get pulled over and get busted for something I keep in my car "just in case I need to smoke".
  4. nothing unless it is necessary.
  5. lighter, chapstick, n some swisher money
  6. Something like 70% of marijuana related arrests are made in vehicles. Dont smoke in your car and don't carry anything.
  7. Febreeze. I don't recommend driving around with paraphernalia all the time because sometimes you can forget what you have in your car. Its good to keep things simple.
  8. NOTHING. Especially since shes just getting her license and shes a girl. Bound to get pulled over. Keep her safe man don't get her arrested.
  9. i wanna add, you dont have to worry about paraphernalia if yous with the MMJ :devious:
  10. A guy I used to know kept all his bud and over 400$ worth of glass in his trunk. Way to much of a risk in my opinion. I'd keep a lighter and maybe se clear eyes if you use that.
  11. Who the hell travels with incriminating evidence? All I need when I get pulled over for a regulation check if shit because I was carrying!

    I had to move my glass, grinder, weed etc. recently as I moved house, had it on the front seat of the car in a packing box, cop pulled in behind me, I totally shat bricks. Drove carefully as a motherfuck!

  12. A bic lighter, Rohto ice eyedrops, Dentyne chewing gum, a pipe or pack of papers. pretty much everything you need as far as not getting caught goes.
  13. I would not just leave it in my car, however i do have something i call the "toke pack". Pretty much, a backpack with all the "necessities" in it, so that i only bring it along when im going to toke, and get everything out in a matter of seconds. Consisted of a pokey, my pipes, grinder, lighter, eye drops, water, and baggies.

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