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Essential Plant Nutrients

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Guides' started by Vitamin 420, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Nitrozyme foliage sprayed is a simple fix for Nitrogen deficiencies. Next day results sometimes.
  2. Hello, what do you think about 1-2-6 npk ratio during flower period(6-12-36 +3%magnesium +8% sulfure)?
    Will be a problem if the pk ratio is 2-6?
  3. Thanks for the post! great info, im head grower at a greenhouse (sadly not cannabis yet) and your information is great and on point!
  4. Noob question here....
    If grown in Compost Soil (indoor, in a space bucket), do I still need to add nutrients? The same amount?

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  5. depends what nutrients are in your soil
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  6. from what i understand Ca and Magnesium need each other to actually work, I'm jus restating what i was told..
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    calcium magnesium nitrogen and phosphorus
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  8. I don't use store bought nutrients, I grow completely in soil using only natural ingredients. Just to name a few, worm casting, Bat guano and a special tea. I could post a list if you want. My last two grows i didn't have one deficiency all I did was water my girls and watch them grow. Just to let you know I'm an old school farmer.

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  9. pls I want a no nute easy Coco based medium. Ff is good but wanna try different
  10. If you're looking for pre mixed, kind soil on amazon is pretty good. You mix it with coco or pearlite and it's ready to go. You never have to add nutes. It's great for beginners because you can see whats in it and what works then make your own after if you want with some knowledge in the field.
  11. You're talking about the Law of the Minimum in plant biology each element is used in sequence with the next, missing one slows uptake considerably causing lockout. So you need a MINIMUM amount of each element to maximize uptake. Aside from Ph drifts in medium, law of the min issues are the number 1 cause of lockout. One simple mistake most people make is mixing their nutrients in the wrong order, water is technically a solvent so the compounds chelate and bind to others in increasing more difficult ways for a plant to breakdown, which causes the plant to use more energy, slow growth and get closer to lockout.

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  12. Are you talking about specifically about mixing order as it pertains to silica supplements?

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