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  1. After you've assembled your lighter and grinder and have developed your joint rolling skills, what pieces should you buy, in order? Like for example (completely inaccurate)

    Your first piece should be a little, easy to handle pipe, preferably not glass
    Your second piece, a giant fucking 18 foot long hookah/bong that'll get you high as FUCK! The harsher the smoke, the better.
    Your third piece should be a vagina.
  2. Pussy tops the list ahahahahah.

    But honestly it's all preference most people usually go from joints/blunts to a pipe because most people start young and that's the cheapest option at that age. Then to a bong/bubbler or vape or whatever.

    I personally started smoking in grade 8 (13 years old), smoked 3-5 times a week through the end of grade 9 (15 years old) smoking strictly joints and blunts only ever smoking with the same 2-4 people. None of us wanted a pipe as we thought we were the shit so we just matched on a gram blunt every day, which was enough to get us youngins high.

    Then I stopped smoking til grade 12, senior year, then went back into it HARD smoking every day, pretty much to date (turning 20 soon). I started out on joints again, then realized I couldn't afford that habit so I grabbed a vape because I was living at home and wanted to be able to do it in my room. Didn't like the vape high as much as smoking, so sold that and invested in a bong and haven't looked back since, in fact my second much more expensive bong should be here in the next couple weeks.

    Nowadays I almost always smoke bong if I am smoking alone, but still prefer joints/blunts with any more than 2 people or anyone who isn't also a stoner and can't handle a bong.
  3. What ever appeals to you really if you want a bong go out and buy a nice bong to rip, really it's all preference just try whatever you want first and decide for yourself that's the best way
  4. I started with a small bubbler and bong by molino from GC along with a plastic grinder. Broke the bong on accident before using it and my gf's dad dropped the mini bub. Then i moved on and bought an Ehle 100ml tube and a larger bubbler from EDIT and a small Killer Grinder. I sold the bubbler for 40 bucks and the bong was broken while cleaning :( fucker sliced my hand up good on it's way out. 3rd came my SYN 12" 38mm beaker which i got for 84 with shipping from the waterlab. Soon after came my SYN pill bottle Ash Catcher which totally changed that bong. Next is one of my best purhcases, a Ben Wilson Disk Slide and an Alex K showerhead downstem for the SYN. I still have this set up and use it every once in awhile my GF's dad loves it so he uses it mainly. That bong has seen many good days. After that came a Black and White Spoon from EDIT which i called snoopy. Next was a purple 4 piece Sharpstone Grinder 3.5" and it's my primary grinder as of now :D. My 2nd to last purhcase was my 50x5mm Sovereignty Stemline Upgrid 19" tall. This thing is everything i hoped my first high end piece would be. It does have a large mouthpiece and bore so it has volume but it clears like a bullet out of a gun. My most recent was a Grav Labs Glass Blunt which i absolutely love. No more rolling for me especially since i shake badly. This way i can still dry toke.

    1. Molino bong and Mini bubbler + plastic grinder
    2. Ehle 100ml bong along with a large bubbler
    3. SYN 38mm beaker
    4. SYN pill bottle Ash Catcher
    5. BW disk slide and Alex K showerhead downstem.
    6. black and white Molino spoon from EDIT
    7. Sharpstone Grinder 4 piece
    8. Sovereignty 50x5mm Stemline upgride
    9. Grav Labs glass blunt.
  5. I wasted a lot of time and money buying dry pies and bubblers before realizing that I hated them and got a bong, but I have a buddy that prefers a small glass pipe over anything else. The smartest thing seems to be to try everything with people that already own them and only buy what you like.
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    Get a glass pipe or handheld vape for portability.

    Then get a cheap bong, learn how to take hits and proper care.

    Then invest in a nice bong or vape depending on which route you take.

    When I first started smoking, I loved being on the move and experiencing things. That's why I suggested a pipe/spoon or portable vape. After the newness of everything being so exciting while high wears off and you become a Netflix stoner, bongs/desktop vapes become your best friend.

    Here's my piece timeline:
    1: $5 Cheap tiny metal two hitter from tabbacco shop
    2: Stealth spark plug looking metal pipe from grasscity
    3: Very cheap tiny acrylic mini bong from grasscity
    4: $20 bubbler from headshop
    5: Magic Flight Launch Box from headshop
    6: Tiny glass spoon from headshop
    7: Large glass illadelph from headshop
    8: Herbalaire v2.1 from headshop

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