essential oils for boosting the terpenes ?

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  1. hello together !

    i have a question/idea......

    much essential oils like lavender, orange, mint, eucalyptus, camomile, tea tree or fennel contain the same terpenes and so like some cannabis strains........

    is it a good idea, to water and/or spry with a mixture of this oils, together with an emulgator, like wet betty ?

    to protect against pests and mold on the other side and to boost the terpenes and the aroma and flavor of the cannabis plant ?

    is there somebody who have make experience with it ?

    but some terpenes, like pinen, should retard the rhizogeneses......

    i try it since a long time, but i dont can say, that they is an effect or not........

    i have less best.......

    my mycorrhizamushrooms also grow...... but iam not shure, if the essential oils kill the other microorganisms !?

    the different strains still have a different taste......and the same like before.......

    what do you think ?

    it it waste of money/time.......
    a nice thing with an mini-mini effect
    or make it sense an it is it worth ?

    maybe your want to try it and give a feedback ? :)

    becouse i have much different strains and sadly different climate conditions, becouse of winter and summer and so on......

    thank you very much !
  2. very effective against pest but i dont think it does anything for terpines.
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  3. iam afrait that you right....

    but on the other side....

    for example, if you grow mushrooms and give them tryptophane, than the value of active ingidients grow up..........

    ok, it is an other thing, ........

    but how do the planty produce the terpenes ?

    do they not absorb the essential oils throught the root ?
    and maybe metabolise it ?
    or maybe the microrgansims in the earth subvert the oessential oils to something, that the plant can use ?

    is there another way, that causes, that the plant produce more flavor and taste ? (not only thc)

    iam not 100% shure, but i think, that "green buzz liquids" are using essential oils in there produkts ,too .......
  4. It will not boost terps, but they do make flavored flushing agents (I saw Blueberry flush)..Personally, I like my weed to smell and taste like WEED..
  5. i don't believe any of these "flavored" flushing products actually impart a flavor to the final product. its a good selling point though. think about it, if that stuff worked we would have pineapple flavored bananas, strawberry flavored watermelon and grape flavored peaches.
  6. plants cant transport terpines from the roots only elements. perhaps sulfur has a role in terpine development, maybe stress as well. i dont know enough about this to say for sure.
  7. ok..... thats interesting, but for example, i water the plants with a mixture of essential oils with a little bit alkohol and wet betty (saponines) work as emulgator..........
    and i also spray it (;

    do somebody know something about how cannabis produce the terpenes ?
    and whats the way in metabolism ?

    like how it works for mushrooms........

    or what the precursor of the terpenes, and how it is possible, to boost the strain typical flavor and not a flavor, that not strain typical, like blueberry or so on ^^

    it sound like, that it make no sense, what i do ):

    have somebody other experience with essential oils for cannabis ?
  8. i have search much, but i dont can find something......

    can it have an negative effect, maybe ?

    ok it is against pest and maybe mold, but can it disturb the plant or it is indifferent for the plant ?
  9. It's usually not recommended to apply oils to the soil, just foliar on the leaves.
    I think the reason you are not finding information because it doesn't exist. Look to normal farming practices, you don't see crop farmers outside of the cannabis world using flavored flush or oils to change the flavors of fruit and vegetables do you? It's all genetics in my opinion.
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  10. yes, but only becouse nobody do it, till now, that dont means, that is wrong (;

    i often have read, that "farmers" give oils to the soil, becouse of pestcontrol, not just as foilar to the leaves........

    but i done it, becouse, that i hope, that it will boost the naturla terpenes, of the cannabis plant......

    where can i find something about the terpene producion and metabolism of cannabis ?
  11. i have found that:

    "8. Feed your terps. When cultivating cannabis the food you feed it will help or hinder its terpene production. Organic feeds are widely considered the premier way to produce the most flavorful of flowers."

    they say, you can "boost" you terpenes via organic cultivation.....
    but why ?
  12. spraying oils in hopes to boost terps is a lost cause. When I have a late outbreak of bugs, I always resort to organic essential oils. Oils are super safe up to the day of harvest. I have also sprayed down a plant harvested trying to up my terp levels. Sent it off to SC labs, and no change at all. Now if you smear cannabis terps on a flower and send it in..... well...... those levels come back high.
  13. by providing a rich soil with everything the plant needs to grow.
    a high quality soil will allow a plant to reach full potential, but this potential is genetically set and fixed IMO. you cannot go beyond the genetic capabilities of the plant. but if you grow in poor soil (which is what is sold in most gardening shops) the plant don't reach full potential, then they can sell you products to "fill the gaps".

    if you want to research this topic i suggest you look for answers on google scholar, here is a search i did for terpene production in plants:
    terpene production in plants - Google Scholar

    also might find more in Gimiks library, like this PDF
  14. thank you very much...........
    but that is logical ^^
    "by providing a rich soil with everything the plant needs to grow."

    the question is, what do the plant exactly need (out of this "rich soil") ?
    and is it maybe possible, to give it to it (for example in an hydr-system), to boost up the terpecontent......

    like you can do it with mushrooms, with tryptophan ?!

    they is an try, from jochen garzt, he give the mushrooms dmt and the mushrooms use it, to make an different chemical bound, out of it.......i dont now, the nameatm, but i think it is not importend for this threat (;

    you know, what i mean ?

    have nobody try it or is they no research made, for this at this moment ?

    ok, uv-light can boost it, but what are the precursors and make it sense, to give it to the plant ? (;
  15. What type of oils to the soil?

  16. i sadly dont can find the infos atm.......

    but for example
    cinamonoil against gnats,
    citric and orangeoil against ants,
    thymeoil against fungus,
    tea tree oil against different things ^^,
  17. I heard that real leaf will start selling terpenes in herbal format.
    I dunno but would love to know what that might actually be.
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  18. I don't have any experience for terpenes but I have tried essential oils for other things like I use organic geranium essential oil for respiratory infections, mind relaxation and more and I'm sure essential oil also works well for terpenes.
  19. How does using EO for relaxation in humans have anything to do with terpene production in plants? Lets stick to facts and science.
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  20. They are good for being anti fungal, a smell inhibitor and thats about it. Orange and lavender in your outtake smells wonderful when pumped outside, just like fresh laundry,....which you can also get in essential oil actually.

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