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Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. have any of you written school essays while high? do they come out pretty good? ive always wanted to try it, i doubt i could concentrate however.
  2. I wrote one high, and it was the only one i wrote high. It was late at night, and i still had to write one for a class, i did NOT feel like doing it, so i smoked a bowl before and thought that it might make it easier. It just made it a lot harder, my fingers felt 100x more sore from typing and it was harder to concentrate. I got a good grade on it, but it was more effort than i needed...

    "Spotted owls, take note. You serve no purpose, I have a gun, and your feathers make a pretty neat hat."

    dude that is hilarious
  4. ive done that. but it only works well for philisophical papers and stuff like that. i read the book, the Great Divorce by the same person who wrote Alice In Wondrland, great read. anyways i way overanylized everything and got an A on the paper. as i go back and read it now i think WTF,mate.
  5. Yes i went into an imporant exam stoned and ended up failing, it was an english paper with an essay in it.

    I knew when i went out of the test i had fucked it up because during the test i was sitting looking at the paper and couldn't properly think what i was writing, i had smoked more than 1 bowl, rather stupid.
  6. hahaha, that essay is funny.
  7. im def. trying it out next semester, i might come out with some real deep shit.
  8. "My point? The barred owl is not a little bitch like the spotted owl"
    after reading that i burst out laughin for about ten minutes. Wow u said that in a paper u turned in. Sorry but im really baked and that was the funniest thing all day

  9. Don't.

    Just save your time for getting high and time for doing school work, keep it separate.
  10. i will write that essay thursday morning. that is the next time i am smoking.
  11. step 1, smoke a jay *tick* A+

    step 2:MY ESSAY, by stash_up AND Dr_Krapp......

    In recent years, there have been laws passed to aid the prosecution of operators of internet file servers. Do you think we should protect the people giving away amazing free things... or lock them up in jail where they belong?

    ok,i think the internt file servers people are heros, they give away amazing free stuff, so i think all the people who dont agree shud. or be locked up in jail where big men drop the soap in the shower. on a serious note, we agree that the amazing free stuff is indeed, amazing. and therefore the internet file servere adre kings among men, KINGS AMONG MEN!!!!!!!!! *at this point we accidently went back three internet pages wen i hit the wrong key, althogh the forward button soon rectified that little hiccup*

    so, where were we,ah yes, we decided to test one out for example, so...

    EXAMPLE - KaZaA Media Desktop:
    this is greeeeeeaaaaaaaat, we decided to downloaded 'Drugs are good' by Nofx, now, the quality as we listen is far from bad, in fact, it is good.

    *this situation calls for another jay, now we are being serious, we shall continue this in a bit,*

    16 minutes later...

    we have downloaded many songs over the ages, and we can safely say that they are really cooooool so that everyone that doesnt think they are is wrong and the internet server people should be criminalised for being song sharers, after all, its good to share, hmmmmmm? hmmmmmm?
    *lol i just continuosly wrote all that without stopping, i did however, breath.*

    now to u, this may be a short read, for us however, it was one hell of a trip, no, of a journey. we've been all over the internet, possibly even into ur very computers to download songs, but we had a jay, or more precisely, the plurol, jay's, yes many.

    dr_Krapp says "i pity the fool who does drugs" this whilest he was really monged.
  12. neo - that was funny! i woulda gave you an A .

    i've written many a paper high. A's and B's mostly. but you gotta know what you're talking about before you start. cause your concentaration is not so good when high. but smoking pot was the only thing that could keep me still for long enough to write anything :D
  13. you should write a movie about that. write it high though. fuck the police, that shit is gay. kazaa and all that is awesome. people have been dubbin tapes and all that shit for ages.
  14. yea man, i'd love the password for that, if the fucking companys want me to buy their shit, they can lower the prices.
  15. Writing essays while ur high? I tried that a whole year, but I learned that you get out of focus when you're thinking you are. Errm.. so when you think you're gonna fuck it all up, you will :p. But when you put some effort in it (by thinking you can do it) you can come up with some pretty amazing shit. But this only works when you're really, really high. So... BLAZE UP :D.

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