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Discussion in 'General' started by FiveonIt34, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I have this two page essay to write on how drugs and drug abuse affect the running of jails and prisons and i can't find shit on the topic...Anyone know any site that could have this info? I've googled done everything, and i can't find shit.
  2. no but like you dont watch in americas toughest prisons, and shit like that on a&e and discovery??? i could write a sick paper on some of the shit ive seen
  3. note the fact of the Netherlands success of handling hard drug-addicts instead of treating them like animals and throwing them in prisons. Also say how the US makes up about 3% of the worlds population but holds 20% of the worlds prison population. Then throw in how prisons are becoming privatized and they have prisoners work for shit and in turn these privatized prisons sell the products they are making for wholesale on the market making a bunch of money. So ideally they want to have as many people in the prisons because in turn that creates more profit for the greedy scumbags.
  4. You can say it clogs up court house and jails since many drug offenders are non violent and tend to get more time then rapist and how people who are in jail for non-violent drug crime only commit a crime agaisnt them self while rapist commit a crime agaisnt humanity. I dunno if that helps.

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