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    on september 11th 2001 America Was Attacked, and Miraculously on september 12th 300 Million Americas Became The Suspects. The Federal Reserve Is Neither Federal Nor a Reserve. You OWN NOTHING, The Tax Police Can Seize It From YOU If you fail to report lemonade stand sales. Dont Be Dumb Read The So-called Patriot Act and Read OUR OWN Governments Documents. Here's Some Links Fluoride Drinkers, Wise Up.

    Operation Northwoods Finally Unclassified Still In Use:

    Rex-84 Exponentially Expanding, Coffins Bought, Camps Built:

    Just The Begginning,

    Dont Drug Yourself With anything BUT Cannabis, You MUST Watch THIS: Click on High Cost of Medicine Documentary.

    Heres the Patriot Act LINK, again, YOU ARE THE Terrorist, Home-schoolers,christians,Super Patriots(those who BELIEVE IN constitution or Bill of Rights) All OPENLY LISTED in The Document Take Some Time To Read, The Specific thing I'm mentioning I Believe is In section 800's:

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