Eskimo Chicks

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  1. Does anyone watch flying alaska on discovery channel?

    I want to bang these two eskimo chicks soooo bad.

    Alya and anya or something, they are sisters and cuties. They have some hot little bodies under all those clothes.

    What I wouldn't give to stick the both of them.
  2. Aye, you still put didlos in your ass?
  3. I'm watching this show right now and this dizzy little bitch was wearing a white fur bikini! She had a nice fucking body!
  4. [​IMG]
    Ayla Tweto

    and Ariel Tweto

    Bit on the average side.
  5. lol, the average woman in america weighs like 200 lbs!

    maybe average on a scale of all hot girls :laughing: :p


    I think they're cute :)
  6. I actually did mean average on a scale of all hot girls, who tend to dominate television. Of all the television shows on at the moment, these two would probably find themselves around the median on the attractiveness scale.

    Since I'm not in America, most of my exposure to your people is through the airwaves, which you tend to hide the 200lb heifers from lol.
  7. nice man i'd be down for them, they look like fun :)
  8. Total Cuties!
  9. Ya gotta remember, Eskimos are like Asian women, once they hit menopause, they get ugly real fast.
  10. Eskimo Fetish. haha. :smoke:

  11. Oh really? That sucks.

    I guess it is better than spanish chicks, they start to lose it by 25!
  12. Eskimo chicks... I wonder if they have sex in the snow :D
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    I would rail those eskimo chicks. There igloo would melt if we fucked in it. i would have her screaming like an avalanche is commin.

  14. I'm with ya, you can pound one chick and I'll take the sister, we'll switch every 30 mins!

  15. hahahaha I call Alya first.
  16. Let me tell you these sisters are Fu*kin Beatiful compare to other Alaskan women.
    Can you chew blubber?
  17. The Twetos' are diffinetly Neat-o
  18. [ame=]full metal jacket eskimo pussy - YouTube[/ame]
  19. [ame=]Where's the pole?! - YouTube[/ame]

    ^ you mean that girl?

    Okay . . . . :bolt:
  20. Te He he
    I forgot to mention
    I love fish also

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