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  1. justtryna change but everything remains the same/
    this life goin quick like its all fun and games/
    but why.. should i.. super chill guy./
    always on the high, tryin to get past the cries/
    and lies so easy to see, escaping this reality/
    and the tragedies, everyday back to the rationed g/
    than they askin me,, is there a purpose/
    am i livin life like its worth it/
    or accepting for less, avoiding these tests/
    thinkin times are the best, but are they really/
    or is this just my way of dealing/
    with these struggles and troubles/
    smoking amounts doubled, as im wastin to the rubble/
    and dirt, not in it for the flirt/
    just thinkin how long till im up her skirt/
    is this just what ive become/
    like im always on the run, but im motionless/
    emotionless until the potions bliss/
    give her the kiss bring the pipe to my lips/
    take another rip let time slip/
    on my ride to space, in this possible waste/
    cuz these hits that i take are my only escape/

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