Escape to Grass-City

Discussion in 'General' started by MJ001, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. This morning, I woke up and got into a fight with my son, and on the way to work, I got into a fight with another car on the road.

    And I thought to myself,

    'Mother fuckering asshole drivers... there are full of them these days. Hm... may be I shouldn't go to work this morning because I'm feeling so aggressive today. Getting into a fight my son..... me, an all grown up man, fighting with a 5 years old kid. Fucking pathetic... because of parents like me, the kids get scarred in their hearts... and they go astray... fuck... I hope I didn't hurt him too much...'

    Then I thought I didn't want to meet any living person today. I'm afraid I might hurt the other person.

    So I decided to escape to another world, where I can't hurt anyone because nothing's real.


    A city, full of grass!

    And actually, the city is full of grass. Grass could possibly be one of the most common thing you can see in the city. There are grass everywhere.

    Sometimes they're planted grass... but most of the time they're weeds... too bad we can't smoke all weeds... but if we could, then it'd be perfect.
  2. Triptastic sir
  3. I always make this place my escape.

    I get so much information shoved down my throat from school it's just relentless. (medical)

    Don't want to get too specific, for the sake of confidentiality, but i honestly get so stressed out from all the work.

    I also don't have time to get out much other than school, so i get on here a lot and have my laughs.

    Cheers man, sorry you had a shitty day.
  4. rough man. just one of those days. its tough when you hurt/get hurt by family they're the people you lean on.. make it right with your son, you both will feel alot better!
  5. It's nice to have a place as your sanctuary.

    A place to rest. Just, relax.

    And enjoy writing stuff on the keyboard.

    Think about stuff that makes me happy... makes me fulfilled.

    Think about stuff that makes sense.

    Think about my problems, and their solutions...

    Think about my work, my family, and myself...

    One day I was driving a car, and I realized, if there was another person sitting next to me on the passenger seat, he/she would be looking at the same thing on the road through the windshield of the car, but we would have completely different thoughts!

    Because he's a passenger, and I am a driver, his thoughts on the road would be completely different from mine.

    But it's the same road we're looking at... one and the same thing, but very different...

    How can that be?

    I must be stoned.

  6. you're blasted.
  7. Yeah man... I'm blasted alright...


    Does it ever happen to you, that immediately after the moment you think you're blasted, comes the moment you think you need to smoke some more?

  8. Yeah! :D

  9. Me too man...

    Now I need a smoke...
  10. I am blasted and watching Game of Thrones.
  11. Sorry for the likes but I am so happy! This is for you 'irollfatties' I will protect your asshole because you were the man!
  12. im going swimming in the grass, whos comin with me

  13. I'll go swim with ya. Just let me go get my diving gear.

    I want to go undergrass, you know what I mean?

    Hm... fuck my diving gear. I'll just breath undergrass.
  14. Losing control of my emotion --> Sudden burst of anger --> Fights with strangers --> Smoke weed --> Chill on GrassCity --> Come down to 'softly stoned' level --> Peep at porn on the internet --> get horny --> Then come down from my high...
  15. If you feel like your behavior is emotionally damaging your son then you should get therapy.

  16. What kind of therapy do you recommend?
  17. now i wanna get blasted since i seen this thread.
  18. I tell you what.

    I just cleaned my metal pipe and tested it.

    And I am very pleased with the result. :smoking:
  19. Quickly, before it fades,

    How should I go about dealing with my kid?

    I had a fight with him in the morning, and in the afternoon I have to go pick him up at the kindergarden.

    How should I approach this?
  20. Pick him up.. Talk to him and tell him he needs to understand you dont feel any different toward him, there are just some things that shouldnt be done, get you upset, etc.. Dependig on what it was even about

    Hes your son.. You know how to handle it

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