Es300 vs Alibaba QB 600

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  1. Electric sky Es300
    HLG600 lm301h/cree from alibaba

    Which would you pick if you had to
  2. Depends on how much power you want.
    The alibaba LED is twice as powerful (600 w to 300 w), and probably cheaper.
    An alibaba 300 watt is probably very cheap.
    The question is, do we trust alibaba.

    I own an ES300, and it is an excellent light, but very expensive.
  3. Depends on what size tent you have. One is for a 3x5 and the other is for a 5x5 size tent. Your also talking difference of 300 watts between the 2 units.
  4. I just ordered the alibaba hlg 600 lm301h/cree so I'm just curious. I think it will cover a 5x5 nicely and if I add say another in there... wow
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  5. No question, the 600.

    Which seller? Meijiu? Bava? KingBrite?
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  6. Ya it was best I could find utilizing new diodes.
    I paid 575 for the board 90 for shipping and 20 for the alibaba fee. $685 total
  7. It arrives monday. I'll be able to finish the second half of flower with this! Pretty stoked on that.
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  8. No question the es300. Check out the actual wattage from the es and the qb I have three es 300 in a five by five and it’s mind blowing

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  9. I run two ES300 and I get amazing results.

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