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How did life begin

  1. By God, in seven days.

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  2. Big bang/evolution period of a few billion years.

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  3. Planet seeding for a purpose. by another being.

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  4. Other

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  1. Ave all who are reading this.
    I just erased my first messege... took 30 minutes to write and half a second to erase... I figured I wouldnt waste the space when those of you who are interested can just click the provided link and read what I wrote for yourslef. I know this is kinda off subject, but once you start reading....boy does it get interesting...its not going to help marij. become legally availabe...but face it, if the powers at hand see that keeping it not so is to their advantage, no activist group is going to change that... none...they have the weapons and the power, we dont...why? because 99 percent of the people are just brainwashed...if not braindead. and that doesnt help anything. hell, you cant talk to someone about anything other then television for more than 2 minutes before they get a glass haze over their eyes... You cant fill a glass anymore once its full i suppose, tv has poured the glue of fantasy into the minds of the people to fill the space, and disallows them to think freely, as their attention span has and is decreasesing exponentially everyday by the increasing number of screen flips on the glass... now I am getting ahead of myself, and i dont want to lose any of the two miniteurs out there reading this :)~ Do yourself a favor, if you have any sense of self preservation in the least amount and head over to its terrible what they are doing to us...well, those who drink milk. Ive spent upwards of 30 hours researching that little glass of pus ... only because I dont put my life in the hands of a billboard that shows bill clinton with a glue mustache, (which by the way you can make from milk, it cuts your cost down if your a furniture maker, thats for sure) along with diet soda, if you drink these mind as well get ready for a long or short (depends on your luck) of misery. after you read abit from that site, If you can still focus, head over to and read some of his headlines....he has great radio shows, and hes great to listen to while surfing... Very intelligent conversations... no sports talk there though... they are intelligent conversations, and very useful information to our days in this time....cause if you havent figured it out yet, we are in a state of emergency and have been for numorous years and YOU ARE effected by it, however minnimally present it may be....just count back and see how long they have been waving the gold fringed flag and thats how long weve been in a state of national emergency...its not just for decorative purposes. it declares war, amongst the others, and as a matter of fact, it is quite illegal to wave anything but a goldfringed fllag, but they arent going to push that one on us...just imagine what theyd be admitting to...hell look at the patriot act which they say they wrote in 3 days...theres enough cross refrencing in the first paragraph to kep ten people busy for 5 it? ill provide the link to those who request it, but basically it tells you to sit down shut up and close your eyes.... is very important to look at..what an interesting time we all live fascinating...we all couldnt have stemmed from a benevolent God, or from a primordial ooze....something happned here...(hell they have evidence of a nuclear war in paakistan and india, a million years ago! not hearing that on the news, unless its to debunk it. we are such a parasite!) just head over to, go there for a few weeks, just like you check this messege board and read the new posts, do the same over there, it will do you more good then anything
    perhaps this thread will become the alternative news thread... Hell if they get there way to return this country to a bioshere, the marijuanas gonna flourish people, but we wont be around to use it....get ready this is gonna be a fascinating ride. esp if the polar shift hits in our lifetime....and man am I hoping it does.... its the only way to rid this planet of the ignorance, and it will be a true test... probably much much knowledge and no alike people to share it with...they always must be educated first, what have they done to everyone....

    \"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.\"

    George Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter
  2. yes yes, I find myself saying that too....but nobody will deprive me of death...its always there... thats what I say while I am still here on this earth, I will learn all I can about how it is controlled and by whom...this is the way TO a happier life... just a different view, but good to hear from someone whos \'been here\' :) take care... I still encourage all who clicked into this to at least glance at the provided links... some are looking for the info, if you are one, good, if your not...just make sure your happy, and dont hurt the ones that have other opinions, perhaps even facts contradicting your own

    Good night

    Ave atque vale
  3. Asteroid \"2002NY40\" Could Come \'Within\' Moon-Earth Orbit...08/14/02
    by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
    I must say, this came as quite a surprise to me. According to a reliable source related to near earth orbits (NEA\'s), asteroid \"2002NY40\" could come a mire 0.0006509 AU\'s (astronomical units) from earth. This equates to 60,505 miles. To use as a measure of closeness, the moon is 239,000 miles from earth. This could occur if a gravitational tug from both the moon and earth are situated to pull the 800 meter (.6 mile) asteroid closer to Earth.

    If asteroid \"2002NY40\" continues on the current course and without deviation, it will pass \'outside\' the moon-earth orbit. It is estimated to be 0.0035223 AU\'s, or 327,419 miles from Earth. Why Nasa has failed to convey this notice is beyond reasonable cause. I can only ponder the thought one mouthful of crow was enough. I suppose one could say at least they didn\'t make the same announcement made last year. The headline read \"Undetected Asteroid Just Misses Earth...Yesterday\".

    Near Earth Orbit:;main

    I hope David Whitehouse of the BBC News receives this article. And of course, let us hope Tony Phillips (Nasa) gets his copy as well.

    In other news:

    Sunspot count shoots up to 214. This occurred from sunspot group number 69. As a result, an M-Class flare explodes from the Sun last night. No mention of a CME, but I expect it to come soon. Watch for continued \'record breaking\' weather to occur.

    To no surprise, an Associated Press article reports of new record breaking weather events in the US. (see equation)
    \"Record Heat Wave Settles Over New York\"

    Record Floods Hit Europe:

    A must read from the BBC: \"What\'s Behind the Weather?\" The world catches on:

    Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather
    and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

    Thought For The Day

    \"Only as high as I reach can I grow, Only as far as I seek can I go, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can I be.\"
    - Karen Ravn

    Receive Your \"Free\" EC(earth changes)TV Newsletter:
  4. I\'ll do it tommorow....I swear!!
  5. ...Huh???
  6. lol,l,am asleep and when l wake up l will find the last 50 years to be a dream and l,ll be a baby with my whole life in front of me :smoking:

  7. A very interesting thought that has passed my mind many times!
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