errrr. whats a nutmeg?

Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. my freind told me something about it.
    He said it can get you high as shit and its legal at the sametime.
    does anyone know anything about it?
  2. dont bother your frinend lied... stick to bud.... helpful tip tho theres a little thing in the upper right of your screen called the search button... it answers so many wonderful questions u may have;)... laterz :D
  3. That, in fact was a lie, your friend didnt lie to you (a real friend wouldnt)

    You can get high off nutmeg, you need to get the whole nuts from a shop that sells spices and grind them up, you need three or four of them and just eat the ground up stuff.

    Tastes like shit and you wont be high for a few hours after eating it but it DOES work.
  4. thanks for that dude.
  5. a nutmeg is:

    1.a kind of spice (i think) dead hamster (for real)

    3.a term used in football (soccer) when the ball is passed through a player's legs.

  6. Nutmeg is the ground root of the same plant that produces the spice mace. Its slightly psychoactive and after ingesting around 5-20mg (keep in mind this is a POWERFUL spice and even 5grams is a shitload of nasty) give drunken sensations and some hallucinations (mostly audio) in higher doses...its a common drug abused in prisons where access to kitchens and spices is much easier than access to "legit" drugs... the comedown is one of the worst of all known drugs, with a 12-72 hour "hangover" which involves vomitting, migrains, muscle cramps and spasms and realization you just ate a bunch of spice to get off...

    You don't need fresh nutmeg like someone said in an earlier post, any will do, the chemical that's psychoactive doesn't break down easily.

  7. Sorry nubbin but I couldnt disagree more, I got NO hangover whatsoever just a slight stoned feeling when I woke up (not a lot different than after a heavy nights pot smoking) NO vomiting, NO headaches in fact no negative side effects at all!

    I'd recommend it in times of no weed/money.

  8. well im not claiming this simply from personal use, its a recorded fact that this happens all the time with nutmeg much did you take?

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