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  1. So, my dumbass didn't do a piss easy powerpoint for my government class that was basically just a grade booster, being that it was worth two test grades. Now I'm going to fail the class. My teacher is pretty much the coolest person ever, so he gave me a replacement assignment. The thing is, now I have to make a powerpoint on why people should NOT smoke pot. He's jokingly spiting me because I'm the class's legalization advocate. Except, I can't think of any reasons besides it's illegal and smoke is bad for you. wut do?
  2. just focus on how it can ruin your academic career if u get a conviction. no scholarships etc.
    and also it can screw up job opportunities
  3. There are shitloads of documentarys that weigh both negative and positive sides of cannabis use.

    Even though he did conclude it would be better to legalize and control it
  4. You should talk about the bad stuff that can happen since it is illegal but wouldn't happen if it was legal.

    spite him back :p
  5. Hahahaha I might actually do that.
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    Oh hon, you are going to love your good old Granny and her slightly twisted mind! :D

    You shouldn't smoke cannabis because there are healthier ways to use it like vaporizing, edibles and tinctures! :yay:

    And I have done your research for you! Click that first link in my sig and scroll down to the "METHODS OF USE" sections for the medical studies to show why you shouldn't SMOKE cannabis! There are even a few studies comparing the chemical makeup of vapor vs smoke! Time to bring your classmates out of the "Age of Fire" and into the "Age of Medicine"!

    If you send me an email, I'll send you a PDF of the even bigger January 2011 List! My email's at the bottom of my sig.

    Granny :wave:
  7. Oh my god. That's brilliant.
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    I'm going to do that. I'm also going to stop at the store and buy brownies for everyone, and pass them out when I talk about edibles. Everyone is going to tweak.

    Edit: Spellinggggg
  9. make sure you come back with an update tomorrow! sounds like itll be bomb
  10. (I'd keep the sales receipt for the brownies! lol)
  11. Haha will do.
  12. Exactly! Make the powerpoint on why smoking pot is harmful, and then procede to present the benefits of cannabis use through edibles, tinctures, vapor, and other applications.

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