Eric ' Andre show

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by Jeremy Fisher, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Ok if your unfamiliar with this tv show, it comes on adult swim sundays at 12:30

    Anyways, one night when me and my friend were blazing this show came on and before, i had always thought that the show was stupid...

    But of course while tokin, the show made more sense and now i watch it whenever its on :smoke:

    anyone else smoke and watch this show?
  2. I watch it occasionally. Some of it has me crackin up but theres parts that just get annoying at times. Hannibal buress is pretty funny
  3. It's an alright show I guess. Some parts of it are pretty dumb and definitely not funny, but there are some really good bits slipped in. I really like his awkward cohost or whatever he is.
  4. Dude, my wife and I love Eric Andre when we smoke. Best show to watch while stoned IMO.

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