Erection when stoned?

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Everytime i smoke like 10 - 15 minutes later ill get a erection. Like i really cant smoke in public i mean i can but not get like super baked or ill get a erection. I didnt even notice it once and i was walking around rent one with a erection it was so embarrassing....Even when im out with friends and i get super baked i go home cause i dont want to wake up with a erection and everyone be like HEY LOOK AT HIS ERECTION. I guess what im trying to ask is, is there anyway like i could stop this? cause its really annoying when you have to worry about erections 24/7....

    Any help would be appreciated..thanks...:eek:
  2. Lipitor can help.
  3. im being serious do you know what it feels like to have to worry about erections in almost all of places?
  4. chop it off

  5. [​IMG]
  6. watch porn and jack off way moar ( atleast ten times per day)

    desensitize yourself to tits and ass

  7. Meditate.

    Mind over matter.

    Control your mind.

    Control your feeling.

    Control your body.


    It's your body, is it not?

    So you should be able to control it.
  8. LOOK AT HiS ERECTION!!!! hahaha
  9. [quote name='"swichone"']


  10. what and how does Lipator effect the penis
  11. Lipitor is a pill that reduces a chance of a heart attack in people with heart disease. Not sure how it would help with controlling OP's erection. Does it lower blood pressure or something?
  12. If you are 8inches just swing it around
  13. Stick it up your ass.
  14. time to jerk off
  15. Get a slut to blow you
  16. OP, just act like its completely normal. When your friends point out your raging hardon for fluffy green nugs, yell out in confusion.. "you don't get a boner when you smoke! weirdo.."

    that will get you street cred.

    otherwise, i dont know. chill with your friends, mid way through the chillsesh, go to the bathroom and teach your sausage a lesson for standing up when it was not told.
  17. Hmmm...wonder what PZ would do if he were up smoking right 345am...hmmm


    Why does this happen PZ?!? Need to hit up the built in shakeweight more often.
  18. I honestly believe you made this thread just to say erection as many times as possible.
  19. I am the same way...but only when im alone. I think its because weed always makes me sexual thoughts=boner. Just try not to think about sexual things maybe? Or don't get sooo baked when you're with your friends!

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