Erasing history by changing names

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  1. So they talking about on the news how the local school district Is changing the name of some schools becuase their named after confederate era people such as robert e Lee.
    We also see an attack on Indian names as well, such as the Washington redskins all because of the offensive nature of where their names come from.
    I think its a bad idea to change these names because its erasing history. By having these names out there it keeps them alive in a way. If there are no robert e Lee highschool's or no more teams named the redskins then how are we going to be able to educate people on the Confederacy?
    By erasing their names we are erasing our history...sure it is shameful for slavery and for the Indians. We should be talking about those things everyday to remind people of the evils in our society. How many of y'all have seen something and asked your parents about it?
    If no one sees the name redskins then that opurtunity is gone.

    My question is why do people want to change all these names? Eliminating and hiding our history is NOT going to change what happened in the past.
    Why would you support that?
  2. Because history could and should be taught without the racial slurs and monuments to institutionalized human trafficking and denial of basic human rights. The legacy of torture, slavery, rape and murder on one class of people should never be honored. It should be taught as the shameful era in American history it is.

    Redskin is a terrible dehumanizing term used to cement the barrier between cultures. Entire groups were wiped out. Deliberately (I'm not talking about infected blankets). It was a systematic dismantling of an entire culture because greedy people wanted their lands and resources. Without paying for it.

    It's not an attempt to hide history. It's an attempt to end the dividing symbols and reminders that represent hate, oppression, genocide, slavery, rape and discrimination. We are becoming a more inclusive/unified nation but it hasn't been easy. Old traditions die hard. As do stereotypes. Black Lives Matter.
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  3. I think what it comes down to is what kind of society and culture do you want to support and perpetuate?
    It is one thing to be sensitive to how others may or may not feel, but it is completely different to institutionalize or legislate over those feelings or sensitivities. I don't think that people should be bullied into a very narrow band of acceptable perception, but allowed to evolve and be free in their own sense of what that means to them.
    People can talk about change and what they find acceptable and not acceptable and a natural growth can occur in that manner.
    If we are as a culture or society going to determine what names are appropriate on the basis of their level of harmful practices or ideology towards humanity, then is it appropriate to say no more religion at all? Can we ban crosses? Can we ban the association of identifiable characteristics of humans by their cultural or geographical origins?
    It is a slippery slope of divisiveness where one group of people would like to tell another group of people where they are wrong and what they need to change in order to be an acceptable part of what the stronger or louder group determine to be that culture. In essence, what seems to be said is individuality, free expression are to be only allowed in a plain vanilla that is determined outside of the individualism and the culture they deem to protect.
    I believe humanity matters, and distinguishing humans by any other word or label, just allows an easier perpetuation or assignment of positive or negative stereotypes.

  4. While I disagree with some of what you have said, I can appreciate the manner in which you have articulated your ideals.
  5. Literally triggered by history so you want to white wash it. Better yet, teaching history with shame. I don't know if I should laugh or sneer.
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  6. The reason I think the good and the bads of history should be tought is to help keep us from repeating it.
    Shamming it IS NOT going to help anything. Sadly I think it is that attitude That is hurting the country.
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  7. Seriously? White wash it? I said present it as it is. Evil. You can try to twist this however you want Vicious but deep down you know I'm right. Imagine being a Jew and having monuments to Adolph Hitler or having a football team (European) called the "Kikes" and the team mascot was a Hasidic Jew with a huge fuckin' nose and swarthy olive complexion. Making you uncomfortable yet?

    How would you like to attend a college or belong to community that is proud to fly the Nazi flag? Would you feel welcome? Do you think you could laugh it off as a tribute to a proud heritage? So much bullshit.

    The dominant culture in this country has held sway for hundreds of years and discrimination and bigotry have etched themselves into the American experience. It's time to change. We're too modern and too progressive as a nation for this shit. We ALL need to quit wallowing in the mud and get on with equality for EVERYONE.
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  8. "Wow, it's the modern current year, stop believing what I don't believe, you're on the wrong side of history now". What's the dominant culture"? "Dead white European culture"?

    I'd welcome a Nazi flag next to the Commie one. A white pride one next to the black panther too. If someone flew a Nazi flag in academia you'd be lynched instantly by antifa. I don't give a fuck what flag people fly. If you can fly one you should be able to fly them all. If you can wear a Stalin or Che shirt you should be able to wear a Hitler one too.
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  9. All you know is rhetoric. It's like talking to a propaganda pamphlet. Useless.
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  10. Honestly dude if the worst thing we have to complain about is what a football team chooses to name itself, that's a sure sign that we don't have real issues to deal with.

    And the problem with going down the PC censorship path is; who gets to be the arbiter of what is or isn't "offensive"?.
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  11. Yeah that's what its all about. A football team choosing a name. It couldn't possibly be about the name being a demeaning slur that represents 500 years of occupation, enslavement, torture, genocide, rape, relocation and appropriation. Now I know what the Bible means by swallowing a camel and choking on a gnat. The stupidity of these debates amazes me at times.
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  12. I have so many thoughts I don't know where to begin.

    I think educating people about our history is quite important. When we see a Nazi flag, we shouldn't think "oh it's evil take it down". We should look at it and think about ALL it represents.

    -A suppressed population in economic hard times

    -Passionate savior arises, promising to heal the wounds of a country and bring back it's greatness

    -People believe in, support and give power to savior

    -Savior gains power, defends power, blames woes on other people

    -Savior justifies inhumanity

    -World War 2 breaks out, millions die in battle

    So to me, the Nazi flag symbolizes what can go wrong and should be reflected upon by those who wish to avoid it again.

    I see America approaching if not in this very situation. Obama was supposed to be the savior, as was Ron Paul, Sanders and Trump. It's extremely unnerving to me. If we are not mindful of the past, we may repeat it.
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  13. I respect if You feel a certain way about the names. But when you come across someone who dosnt agree with you and you call them stupid it dosnt help your argument at all.
    People need to try and be less involved in strangers lives. Everyone would be a lot more happier

  14. I said the DEBATES were stupid. If you feel I called YOU stupid then that's your damage not mine. You can disagree til the cows come home. Doesn't make you right.
  15. Oh, fuckin WAAHHHHHH!!! My poor little sensitive feelers! - liberal "progressives"

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  16. OH Bullshit Man the f up Liberals . It happened and we can not change history
    Just try not to repeat it.
    Pretending it never happened is not going to make your perfect little world
  17. In school perhaps? Where most people normally learn about history...

    There's a difference between historical revision and ending public tributes to hateful parts of our past.
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  18. Surely you must be familiar with the American governments "educational" system. You trust them to tell children anything that even remotely resembles the truth? That's a scary thought.
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  19. Look what the Libs are teaching our Kids in college nowadays
    Its all Garbage
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  20. I can only imagine what your idea of the truth is.

    Yes I think children are taught the truth for the vast majority and have access to many opposing views for "controversial" historical issues.

    I don't think organizations keeping their old, possibly demeaning names is crucial to education.
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