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eradicating spider mites

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by dman~da420man, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. I noticed an infestation in my grow rooms, mainly the veg, but some in the flowering room. I am about 1 week from harvest. I would prefer to not use chemicals on the budded ones, and for the time being have released lady bugs in to the enviroment. After harvest what would be the best way to eradicate the critters once and for all, i could hold off moving the veg to flower if i can get rid of the pests.
    It would be nice if i didn't have to clear out everything and clean it and start fresh, but it might be a better alternative to continually fighting them. I'm open to sugestions.
  2. the BEST way to kill spider mites is to seal the room and bring co2 levels upto 10 000 ppm for 1 hour, this will kill them for good, but if yo cannot afford to do this, and your only a week away from harvest i would wait till its time to cut, harvest as usual, hang the branches on a line, but at each end of the line put sticky strips on each end of the line, the mites wont stay on the "dead" buds because they like fresh green matter to eat, so they will walk off your buds onto the line and into the sticky traps, then once harvest is done, clear out your room and disinfect the whole place with bleach, then you should be good to go a second round
  3. adding to what joe said... bug bombs work great once you harvest. Set off one or even two and you should be good to go.
  4. i've heard of this before. is it harmful to the plants to boost the co2 that high?
    also, how long can i spyay them with neem oil,a couple weeks before harvest?
    i'm 6 days into flower.
    my first grow
  5. neem oil will not eradicate an infestation but azatrol sure as hell will and I have used it a week before harvest without adverse affects but I wouldn't bother since you are so close just clean and disinfect thoroughly before your next set.

  6. As far as I have always heard co2 is like oxygen to plants, where as we exhale co2 they exhale oxygen. This may be an incorrect assumption been a long time since elementary school science...
    Hi co2 would choke the hell out of the darn bugs....
  7. True. But too much oxygen can kill us.

    But, what usually happens in CO2 overdose, is the stomata will close off, respiration will slow, and growth will slow with it. For an hour, it won't hurt anything.
  8. But would it kill the eggs?
  9. the trick to getting most the eggs as well as the adults is pretty simple. the day or night before you plan to fill the room with co2 up the temps to 30c and let it get real dry, mites love this weather and will hatch all or most of their eggs overnight, then you can raise your co2 to 10000ppm and kill them all
  10. I use a product called pyola for major infections. And neem my veg once every other week for preventive maintenance. If your in your first couple weeks of flower neem is fine. But after that I hand wipe the prob. leaves with cloth dipped in neem solution.

    Pyola will kill the eggs also. But you have to rinse it off after about 45 min. And not use full strength. It has canola oil in it which coats the eggs and suffocates them.

    Neem works well but will not kill the eggs. If you spray affected plants once every three to four days religiously with neem you stand a good chance of knocking them out. Or at the least keeping them under control.
  11. ive notice spider mites on my flowering dwc plants and for the last 3 days i have been spraying my plants with light solution organicide and ive been bringing my ppm's up to 7200 (in a a room not sealed well) for 1-2 hours a day and ive just checked today and i have little signs of webs or mites, im guna continue to spray and raise my co2 for 1 last time for follow up, my plants seem very healthy and have not shown much effect from solution sprayed or from high co2 levels, first time dwc grower and i agree with it strongly

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