equivalent wattage vs real wattage

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  1. Is the 23 watt equivalent to 100 watt CFL's, even though they are not 'actually' 100 watt would that be good for growing? do they plants know the difference between the two??
  2. im using 4 of those in the warmest spectrum i could find

    they are very good from what ive read

    but its best to have 2 100w equvliant bulbs per plant

    -- the bubonic plague
  3. ok you say 'warmest spectrum' im guessing this is red, and the cooler is blue..? which lights are u using exactly, im interested in picking some up. thanks for answering all my answers bubonic
  4. i got them at home depot

    yeah warmest means redish

    its really used for flowering but im flowering from seed to harvest

    energy star, N:vision is the brand

    they were like $5 each

  5. thanks a lot. going to pick some up very soon!
  6. you can get 6 pack of these at costco for like 10 bucks.. walmart has way better price then the depot too

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