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  1. I've been using my EQ to vapor bong for some time using a whip with an 18 mm elbow on both ends.


    As you can see my whip is filthy, mostly from letting it sit on top of the EQ with a load in the elbow. Through natural convection a small bit would vaporize off and condense in the elbow and whip.

    A little tired of that I got to thinking about the different glass adapters and connectors I have and thought this up.

    Take a male to male 18mm adapter and put an EQ elbow screen in it:

    Put that in the female 18mm joint on my bubbler:

    Then put an EQ Tuffbowl on top:

    And when I'm ready to hit it:

    Not real user friendly. I already broke my last original EQ bowl with the black band trying this out. Luckily I just got two new Tuffbowls last week.
    Beware if you are working on granite! Or any other rock hard surface... Duh.
    Glass and rock doesn't mix.

    The hits this way are SO much more flavorful!
    I never realized how much of the flavor the whip was eating up.

  2. Tried this a few months back, agree you gotta be careful but it's a legit mod

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  3. Picked up this new glass piece for the EQ:


    And I put an elbow screen in the 18mm male joint:
    It was a tight fit, I had to really press it in with the top of the EQ poker tool.

    Then place it in the EQ's cyclone/Tuffbowl:

    And take the most flavorful hits I've ever had out of an EQ!

    Link coming for the glass piece... Wait for it.

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    I bought the piece off Amazon, unfortunately it's no longer available. I found it searching for a glass j hook.
    It was only $21 and some change, shipped to my door. :)
    I've seen similar before but it didn't have a male joint on the end, it was a female for the Cloud Evo.
    I almost bought one of those, but then I'd have to use the 18mm male/male adapter under it.
    This is a great setup, I wish it was about 1 inch shorter when on top the EQ. I have to stretch a little to hit it sitting at the counter.

    Great hits!

  5. I've been doin the upside down for a while. It works better if ya load the weed in the bowl and stir every hit. I filed the hole inside mine almost all the way open for more airflow too.
  6. Try some of your oil on a cotton ball inside the bowl with the EQ up to 450+. Taste is unreal
  7. I have done this, works very well! But normally when I want a little dab I'll just put in the middle of an elbow pack. That way I get both, but I usually only use the lowest grade stuff I have on hand. No need to waste the good stuff on that.

  8. Another modification of the glass mouthpiece:


    I used an inline ashcatcher I have, put an EQ elbow screen in the male connector and packed it:

    I'm running it backwards, but the little bit of hot water helps smooth and moisturize the vapor.
    There is a slight decrease in flavor. But it's worth it.

    If you try this be careful not to blow/cough into the mouthpiece!
    Water would shoot directly into the heater.
    Bad news! Don't do it!

  9. Omg I have to try this. I just need to order a male to male.
  10. Haha! I just replied to your thread.
    If your Roor is 18mm it is super easy.
  11. I did the same thing but reversed a year ago. I used the double 18 with the elbow screen in it and put my vaporblunt2 hydrotube. Vaporbonging out of it is great and simple. And if you turn on the blower it kinda turbo charges it.

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  12. I tested a new 18mm female/female in place of the Cyclone or Tuffbowl today.

    There is no restrictor in the middle, I had to wedge a Cyclone screen in the bottom ground joint to keep it in place. This is a HUGE improvement in airflow.

    I loaded up the elbow screen in my glass mouthpiece, popped it into the new adapter, kicked the fan on 3:


  13. Always wanted to try that after i opened up the hole on the cyclone bowl
  14. Here's my newest adaptations:

    Hope everyone is getting everything they can out of their EQ.


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