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  1. I feel I should say a few words about the use of Epsom Salts in cannabis cultivation.

    All green plants produce their own food from water, CO2, and light, by a process named photosynthesis. The chlorophyll molecule, which is essential to photosynthesis, is coloured green and contains one atom of magnesium. So adequate magnesium is absolutely vital to the growth of green plants.

    If there is a shortage of magnesium in the plant´s nutritional intake, an early indication is the yellowing of leaves. It is easy to remedy any deficiency by feeding a dilute solution of Epsom salts, MgSO4, in a concentration of about a teaspoon to a gallon, two or three times in the growing season; a little goes a long way.

    Magnesium deficiency is distressingly common, many commercial soils contain little or none of the element, and many ferts only contain tiny amounts of magnesium, if they contain any at all. And growers do not always appreciate its importance.

    But magnesium deficiency is not the only cause of leaf yellowing - a shortage of nitrogen can have similar symptoms, but this is MUCH less common as most of us routinely feed nitrogen-containing ferts. Some pests, such as red spider mite, can cause leaf yellowing, as can a whole host of viruses to which your ladies are susceptible. And don´t forget it is normal for the lowest leaves on the plant to yellow and die. They have done their job, and your buds are now being fed by the products of the photosynthesis being carried out by the fan leaves.

    But if you do have a problem, I do recommend that you try some Epsom salts in the first instance. It may well not be the answer for your problem, but it very often is.
  2. wow, great thread spanish fly.

    i left you a message in another thread about giving yourself a better f/m ratio and i'm not sure if you got it so i'm going to tell you again to make sure.

    birth control pill.
    dissolve in 1.5L of water.
    put seeds in bottle and let them soak over night.
    the next morning treat them as you would any other seed.

    the seeds take in estrogen from the pill and have more of a chance of becoming female.
  3. Yes, I repled to that one.
  4. i just watered my plant last night. i wanna add epson salt but i have to wait a lil bit
  5. Urine is also an excellent source of Nitrogen for marijuana plants.

    - Remember to dilute it first, for straight urine would kill the plant.

  6. Agreed, urea is a widely used commercial fert. But be sure you dilute your own urine 10 to 1.

    I only use urine as an occasional supplement to a general growing fert anyway, never as the only fert.
  7. S.Fly, great post!!!

    I feed with AB once a week and everything is SUPER healthy:cool: do you think it would still be worth my while to give them a week off the AB and feed them some Epsom salts since my girlfriend as a fucking huge jug of the shit she uses for her baths???

    side Note: Hot tight polish chicks are weird!!!
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  8. Sorry, what is AB ?? Probably be obvious once I know.

    You SURE it is Epsom salts and not bath salts??
  9. ya im sure its Epsom salts she uses for the bath cause I seen it on the jug. It just says in huge letters Epsom salts. AB is a type of nutes people use for Flood tables, or any hydroponic setup for that matter. Most hydro stores has there own recipe and make it themselves. At $20 a jug it is good shit. It ends up costing you $40 cause you also have to get the B which is also $20. 100ml of each to every 11L of water.
  10. OK, I am a bucket grower, don´t know anything about hydro.
  11. i usually give my plants 2 shots of Epsom salt.

    1 tsp per gal

    when i upshift them into the big pot and when i give them the last shot of N during flowering, around week 4.

    most quality organic nut's have Mg in both veg and flowering mixes. but 1tsp per gal 2x to make sure is worth it. i remember reading about a toxicity but im sure im way lower than that.
  12. would regular salt work ?

  13. Try it and see. Give your babes loads of salt and tell us what happens.
  14. sarcasm doesnt move thru cyberspace as easy as it does in person.

    no u should NOT use table salt.

    regular salt will kill ur plants.

    epsom salt in large quanities will kill ur plant.

    we are talking 2 teaspoons of epsom per whole grow = 3 months.

    the epsom salt will add Mg., which is needed to ur plant. its kinda like an insurance policy for ur plants.
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  15. OK froggy you are right, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

    And everyting else you said I agree with totally.

    Good luck my man.
  16. k appreciate that lol spanish would have killed my babies ....What kinda person are you:bolt:
  17. No, your own stupidity would have killed your babies.
  18. spanish my plants are yellowing and the tips of the big leafs are becoming brown

    and i havent added any salt but a lil nutes because thier like 3 weeks

    i have 3 bag seedlings
    and 1 koosh seedling
  19. Some things just make me laugh...I can't believe someone would think birth control pills would make a seed female....gees people are crazy sometimes.

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