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Epoxy bowl fix

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Timotonx, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. So I broke my new bong's bowl and I would prefer to keep this one rather than buying a new one.

    The way it's broken makes it kinda difficult to fix cuz there's a hole in it. So I figured if I place an aluminium foil ball to fill the hole and then glue back the other piece with epoxy it would probably work.

    But I'm worried about the safeness of that... can the glue melt and release fumes with the foil blocking the hole ? Thanks!
  2. I think so, my "friend" had a bowl that was glued together and I didn't know. I ripped that shit and it tasted so shitty. And I heard that shit crackle and bubble up. It made my fucking head hurt. Fuck him. Anyways I don't know it seems kinda sketch. Can you throw up a pic? Where exactly did it break?
  3. I already made the fix but I'm still doubtful 'bout it...
  4. [quote name='"Timotonx"']I already made the fix but I'm still doubtful 'bout it...

    Is it along the left side there? I can't really tell but honestly just save up money for a new bowl. Sucks I know but it's better than smoking glue man. It's a shame too that's a sick bowl.
  5. It kinda works but I have to wait so the bowl doesn't get too hot... Yeah a new bowl will be much better. Thx man!
  6. Yea, you're safe and sound as long as you aren't pulling the flame inside the bowl. Torching a bud should be fine man.

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