Epiphany's When High?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kitsune_, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I just smoked on some of the best weed I've smoked all year. I haven't had a high like this for probably 6 months and damn is it good. But I noticed with this kind of high comes the tendency of my mind to wander in all kinds of weird ass directions. Kinda like free associating only to myself? That's probably the best kind of high for me because it allows me to look at so many things and views I hold in a different perspective. It's pretty sweet and the past 45 minutes have been really enlightening? Lol, maybe it's just cause I'm high but I think I figured some pretty cool shit...
    Anyway, what kind of epiphany's or like realizations do you guys have when you're high?

  2. I had the worst day of my life today. My whole life fell apart around me in a few hours today. I smoked for the last time today and had the biggest realization i've ever had.

    I'm a student studying music and i realized these 5 things.

    The only things you need to do in life is to, drink water, practice saxophone, eat salad, smoke weed, and run.
  3. I know what you mean, it's like sometimes when I get good weed I get in this state of mind where I'm able to see all my problems in a different light, and sometimes when I'm high I find that I'm able to solve problems that I couldnt just moments before... and it's never in the "right" or most efficient way, but always in some like detour oddball way. Whatever I would think of first when I'm sober, it seems that's the last thing I think of when I'm high.

    I used to write shit down when I was high... a lot of it was stuff that wasn't very interesting but at the time I was like wow... I've never thought about that before... like how weird it is that people shake hands when they meet.
  4. OP share your thoughts i wanna be enlightened.....

    i've been partying all night(drinkin) but lets see what i can come up with...

    i used to live in jersey, in a small town with a ton of open road and natural beauty. me and my buddies used to go to a quarry, twist blunts and look up at the stars. you could actually see depth in the stars, you could see our galaxy and much more beyond. it really makes you think.."what could our purpose possibly be?" why were we placed here, time and space are so infinite that our existence seems trivial at best. but we ARE here we DO exist. and that is incedrible stroke of luck. we, as a species, WE, as a unified life form, need to realize tthat the hate, the drama, the racism, the differences will all slip away once we realize the true beauty of life. we may not be the one and only, but what if we are? what if the ONE shot at life in the universe destorys itself over something as stupid as skin pigment or territory? why should we be so caught up in the mediocre bullshit hate and violence that is forced into out minds and souls by our everyday surroundings? we need to stand tall we need to push back. LIfe needs to push back. we must survive we must continue. that is what life is all about

    maybe it made sense maybe it didn"t idk i"m bombed
  5. That was some good shit Kannabis Kid... So true to...

    Jamminout! You forgot one VERY important thing that brings you list up to six things - you need to love.

    Garden back! That's what I did! Just sit there and write shit! Ideas, thoughts, cool things (Or at least things that I thought at the time were cool.) and usually it is just random BS but this time it was some good shit. I wrote myself like a 2 page E Mail that went over all the problems I have right now. I realized where they all come from and now I'm able to take a step back and start to fix things. It's incredible that a drug did this man.

  6. your totally right brahhouse love
  7. Two huge realizations so far, 1. That I wanted to become a doctor. 2. That I hadn't gotten over nancy and wanted her back (recent epiphany)
  8. I make so many realizations when i'm baked - it's unreal. Mainly just about humanity , social interaction and life in general. I forget them though. Ehr ..

  9. i always forget them but like the ones that i always remember make so much sense when im sober
  10. an epiphany im working on is about eating cold hotdogs after smoking myself retarded with a blunt to the face

  11. I thought about that too and figured it out. You can tell a lot about a person based on how hard they grip your hand and the texture of their hand, its like seeing a split-second glimpse onto someone's soul.
  12. I had a epiphany when I was high. It was raining real hard and I was just watching the rain baked out of my mind and was thinking. I thought that there was tons of people out there who were thinking about how shitty of a day it was. Then I was thinking how can some people think that today is a shitty day and how is a sunny day beautiful? Like who is to say what day is a beautiful day and what isn't.. aren't they all beautiful in there on way? and then I started to think how so many people set standards on beauty.. just like how people set standards on what makes up a beautiful day.

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