Epiphany I Just Had

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by billsxclinton, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I just realized everybody smokes weed.
    Everybody with red eyes smokes weed and they just won't admit it to you. Your parents probably know and won't admit they do it too but only if they love you.
    I mean i don't even have a good relationship with my dad but when I'm high i feel like i can relate to my dad so much kinda like were best friends who I've know since like elementary school.
    Weed is awesome and every body should do it at least once!

    I also have come to realize that the reason the government tries to stop weed is because they all smoked weed once and did something that they regret so they don't want anyone else doing it. We're the normal ones but the gov is retarded.

  2. omg man i wish i could get on ur level right now nigga
  3. Well the gubberment is retarded no matter what....

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