epileptic trip after first time smoker :/

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  1. Hey,

    I'm actually a 'non-smoker' and don't smoke cigarettes or any other stuff.
    About a month ago my college mates invited me to a sesh. I felt the high for my first time after smoking it once before (6 months ago) and felt nothing.

    But something very weird happened:

    So I was hitting the bong with some friends, and I guess I smoked a little bit too much. While we were sitting there for 30 min or so (I felt nothing at all!!!), we went back inside to eat something. I was standing next to the table, kinda leaning at it. Then I started hearing a sound (beeeeeeep) and white points started to appear in my eyesight with increasing number. I felt really really weird and began to shake a lil. I told my friend that I started feeling weird. Then suddenly I kinda passed out and everything was turning around and it felt like I was dying or so or like my head is gonna explode now.

    I suuddenly had an 'epileptic' attack and banged my head twice with all my strength against the table. My friends grabbed me immediately and apparently I was just shaking then while they dragged me outside.

    Then they sat me outside with some water and then I was algood again. I had a proper high then and felt good and felt anything but bad!!

    Is that normal? Because while I had that 'epileptic' attack I seriously felt so bad and it was kinda a disgusting feeling that made me think of killing myself during the 'attack'!!!!

    So about a week ago after smoking for the 3rd time in my life I only took a few hits from the bong and then I felt it again :/ my ears were hot, white dots in my eyesight, feeling so bad, and I thought I'm gonna have an epileptic attack again. So I started drinking water (at least 1 liter) and after 5 minutes it was gone :) and I had the best high ever!!

    So whats up with these anxiety attacks at the beginning of the high??

    Is that normal? Will it go away?

  2. I know some kid who has seizures the day after he smokes. Every time, he's a pussy tho
  3. You drinking enough liquids or eating enough food before smoking? Idk but you can feel like shit if you're dehydrated
  4. Only thing i can really think is that make sure you're hydrated before you smoke and drink water while you're smoking and just sip on it after a hit while you wait for the bud to come back your way.

    Btw there's no such thing as 'tripping' when you're only smoking weed. Just getting really high.
  5. Im no doctor but you may have some underlying problem which should be checked out. Honestly i would probably never smoke again if i had a seizure that was a result of drug use.
  6. Like the guy said above me, get checked out. That's deff not normal. I would stop smoking until you get an all clear.
  7. When I read white spotted vision and ringing ears I thought you might be unconsciously holding you're breath or forgetting to breathe. but having a seizure as a result smoking marijuana, definitely is not a normal high. Either STOP smoking or talk to you're doctor about it. I wouldn't even risk smoking until you get a professional opinion about it. Good luck my friend! May you have a wonderful seizureless sesh in your near future :bongin:
  8. Would of just been from dehydration, low blood pressure or cause you havent eaten in a while. Probably a mixture of all 3. Ive had that one time not as bad as to passing ouyt and having a fit. But i got the beeping noise, closed/blurry vision and the shaking, i thought i was having a panic attack or some shit, so i just layed down on my friends couch drank some water and waited for it to pass and i was fine. Dont let it put you off weed just try smoking with a joint next time and get a good as maccas feed before hand.

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