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Epileptic Smokers

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by septumus, Feb 11, 2009.

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    I'm starting this thread because I was inspired by the Crohn's Patients thread started by trixx not to mention I'm always looking for others with the same condition as me to share with and learn from.

    So any other epileptics out there who use marijuana medically? I've noticed that while I do, my seizures (if I even have any) are very light compared to the usual grand-mal and instead of the regular full body soreness the next day I barely have any aches if any. The more potent MJ I get the better the effects are to the point that I have gone three weeks without my medication (due to an insurance issue) with no problems and without anything else that would certainly have been a BIG issue.

    The medication (Carbatrol) that I am prescribed sometimes likes to go "toxic" which makes me extremely nauseous and dizzy on random occasions. It really sucks walking around work like a drunk and having to explain what is going on. This is one of the main reasons why I started using MMJ along with the fact that I just don't like the idea of pumping my body full of synthetic chemicals. Unfortunately I have to continue to use this medication because MMJ is not yet legal in Texas (support HB 164!) and the prices for the stronger stuff is too outrageous for me to purchase on a constant basis.

    And now my question :) :
    Are there any particular strains that anyone has found helpful with medical issues that involve seizures or convulsions?
  2. Good on you for taking the initiative! That's what I like to see! :hello: Here are some studies on epilepsy and cannabis..........

    Epilepsy patients are smoking pot

    Experiences with THC-treatment in children and adolescents

    Chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers and epileptic patients.

    Anticonvulsant nature of marihuana smoking.

    Cannabis may help epileptics

    Hypnotic and Antiepileptic Effects of Cannabidiol

    Marijuana: an effective antiepileptic treatment in partial epilepsy?

    Marijuana and Epilepsy (anecdotal)

    Therapeutic Aspects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

    Treatment with CBD in oily solution of drug-resistant paediatric epilepsies.

    Marijuana Use More Prevalent With Epilepsy

    For more medical studies on cannabis and other ailments, click the link below! :D

    Granny :wave:
  3. Wow! Thanks for all the reading material, I'm always looking for more studies and articles about MJ and epilepsy.
  4. I'm an epileptic toker, but you know that from the other thread man.

    Honestly, I'm not sure if I've found any strains that help more than others. I grow, and usually have 4 or 5 strains on hand at any given time, so I rotate through them to kind of keep tolerance in check.

    I've got epilepsy caused by a brain tumor, and even though the tumor was removed, the seizures didn't stop. After my surgery I didn't toke- I just felt too absolutely terrible to do anything, and I was always asleep because of the pain killers I was on. My seizures were bad after the surgery. I was put on carbatrol, and that didn't work. I was constantly inundated with seizures, which made my pain that much worse.

    After being cycled on and off different medications for about a month I decided to start toking again. I went from having 3 or 4 seizures a day to having 1 or 2 a week after about a period of a month. Maybe this was the meds finally starting to work, maybe it was just the herb. I haven't been brave enough to take a break from toking since, and now I maybe have 1 or 2 seizures a month.
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    That's a big improvement man! It's always nice to hear from others who have had similar experiences. My epilepsy cropped up after I got a head injury from flipping a dune buggy (which had no seat belt or roll bars, I'd be dead if it wasn't for the helmet). Since the first seizure, they tend to pop randomly but I've never had more than 3 in the same month. They still haven't figured out exactly what is causing it after several MRIs and EKGs but are more than happy to push meds at me. First they tried giving me Tegratol which was a miserable failure and then they gave me Carbatrol which worked "better". I've been on Carbatrol for a few years now despite the fact that I've had seizures while on the medication (though notably fewer). Since I started using MMJ I've only had 2 seizures in the past three years and as far as I'm concerned thats pretty damn good.

    I still haven't dropped my Carbatrol though, as much as I want to. Frankly I'm scared of what would happen if I did since my only experience without it was a 3 week period where I simply COULDN'T get my meds and it may have been blind luck I didn't seize out. I do know that MMJ pretty much wipes out any seizures I would still have using these meds however and for right now, until MMJ is legalized here, that works for me. Even when the meds go "toxic" it helps as I can use the MMJ to help with the dizziness and nausea.
  6. hello my friend

    i have had every kind of sesure there is

    they still have no idea why i had them only where they started and where they traviled to in my brain... i got all the info anyone mite need includeing contacts for docs ...

    i have been on every med they make as well can tell you bout side effects and blood levels

    anything i can do to help anyone going thru this hit me up ask me questgens i am here

    and yes smokeing pot helps alot!!! but you cant fuck with epilepsy drugs most of them if you stop takeing them or lower yuour does in a hurry will make you have worse sesures ... trust me

    i just had my right temperal lobe removed in may doing fucking great ...let me help anyone i can going thru this!!!!!

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