epididymitis, help

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    i went to the doctor and it turns out i have this infection. i have only had one partner, so i'm wondering if i should ask her to get tested? i mean, 2/3's of all cases are caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea. it could just be some other bacteria, but i'm still worried. i've ate her out before and you can get it orally...

    anyone? please? :wave::wave::smoking:
  2. What's the worst that could happen if she did get tested? Just do it so you don't have to worry, I'm sure your girl would understand if you were to explain the situation to her.

    It's never good to let an infection go unattended, better off to be safe rather than sorry.

  3. what do you mean whats the worst?

    if this dumb bitch cheated on me...
  4. I would talk to her about it. Did you get tested for STDs? And maybe you always have to think if she had it longer before you came around women and men can have stds and not know it.

  5. no i didnt

    my doctor just acted like it was nothing and put me on ciprofloxacn and advil for 2 weeks

    at the time i didnt know it could be caused by stds :(

    this girl has cheated on me before but that was so long (3 years ago) and she's different now.

    i needa smoke :bongin:
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    Well it could also mean that your girl has poor hygiene or there's a chemical unbalance and somethings going on with herself. There doesn't have to be a third party for a girl to get an infection of some sort down there is all I'm saying.

  7. idk how i wanna approach this

    i'm mad but what if she didn't cheat on me?

    then i'd feel bad for acting like a dick.

    but there's still a fair chance something mysterious is going on
  8. Bro ur buggin. Go smoke one then think about it. Trust me your better off :bongin:

  9. will do
  10. Just tell her what the doctor told you and tell her you are concerned about her health. You don't have to be a dick about it right off the bat. Ask her if there's anything that she needs to tell you about the situation. It's called communication, don't point fingers off the bat until there's results. You could very well be worried about nothing, because she could very well be clean but you won't know until she gets checked out.
  11. Oh that shit sucks I had that once (ciprofloxacn) but I didn't have an std, and no I wasn't dirty I just got an infection. Sometimes girls can get vaginitis and this is from not peeing after sex, just like an UTI. But my doctor also tested me for stds which were all negative. I was having lots of sex with my boyfriend and only him but I still got that infection. Now I ALWAYS right pee after sex!

  12. Thats not an std. Its from being unclean. Lol. Are you circumsized? Cuz if not, thats your cause. Ya Pull that skin back when you shower. Other wise dirt, and sweat, and smega, and bacteria get in there and travel up your urethra.

    I had the same thing once, just drink plenty of water. Take the prescribed antibios.

    I wouldnt worry about the chick, it isnt deadly or anything, its just an enflamed epidydimis.
    Which chicks dont even have.
  13. Smega....a funny ass word for a filthy situation.

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