Epic Weekend Incoming

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  1. I'll list everything. I'm a senior in high school.

    Tomorrow (Friday):

    - After school, head with my boy to pick up 7 grams of DANK, rolled into 6 blunts or so.
    - Smoking 1 blunt with him, having a skate sesh probably.

    - Meeting up w/ same guy as well as 2 others to celebrate a birthday.
    - 1 blunt will be given to each of us, and the last 1 will be for later once we start burning out.
    - Watching 'Fast Five' baked off of 4 blunts of dankness.
    - Eating at a really good restaurant (major munchies)
    - Blazing that 1 remaining blunt.

    - Not much happening this day, but I'm trying to make plans with a good friend of mine (girl), who I want to ask to my prom.
    - Chilling w/ her.

    - Chilling with another friend. Just relaxing n all.

    All in all, a pretty damn good weekend. Esp friday n sat. I don't care if you find this short of epic, I don't lol and I'm sure I'll be fucked by the end of all this..probably perma fried again.
  2. That sounds boring as fuck.
  3. lmao.

    i liked the 7 grams though.
  4. damn you actually plan just sitting around getting stoned like this ? lol....when I'm sitting around on my ass watching a movie stoned its usually cus I didn't make any plans
  5. =/ ......
  6. Meh, nothing special. I was looking for something like "Heading over to Charlie Sheen's house" or maybe "shooting a porno with five 18 year olds".

    I find it funny that you have it so planned out. Like the poster above, smoking and watching a movie is pretty bland stuff.

    Not that I have any epic plans or anything. But I just flew back to LA after spending the school year in DC, so needless to say I'm pretty excited to be back.
  7. The one thing that makes that weekend epic is Fast Five. Make sure you stay until after the credits...
  8. i dunno how old OP is but i find the older you get its harder to plan and meet up with friends... so have fun OP sounds like a good time
  9. the most epic part sounds like the "head with my boy"
  10. just take your girl to the movies and skip all the unnecessary expensive bullshit of prom and get some :wave:
  11. dude...

    im going to a 21st birthday tomorrow... and its for one of the hottest girls I know :wave:
  12. Lol, pshh fuck you guys :p

    Nah but it was fucked man. Friday, we hit 2 blunts, saturday we hit 4 blunts. Ended up greening out after the 3rd, puking and clogging a restaurants sink and toilet lol.

    Came back in and greened out again, alongside a friend of mine. Lol. Kinda like a bro moment.

    And today is today, well I made plans with the chick, but were chilling nxt week. Yeaa. W.e man im permafried noww

    We didn't watch fast five cause we loafted hard (go figure).
    Saw limitless n Scream 4. Already saw them so there was no way I was paying again. I snuck in to both of the muvies.

    Yeah so w/e

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