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    I'm entering a Grand Overture.

    Really feel as if i was meant for something great in my life, not the mundane, 9-5 stuff, and not the high CEO stuff either. Like something completely epic that most peopel wouldn't do.

    That is the feeling i get when inebriated of any sort. That i was meant for something most people would not dare to attempt. But I'm at a Loss as to what it could be.

    I'm not trying to make shit up either. I really feel i was born to do stuff that will affect all of mankind on some level.

    Maybe I don't like the idea of being normal?

    When i was 2 i feel from a 2 story building onto some grass. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING BRUIS OR SCRATCH! I think that says something.

    My shell in destructible. My impression is not. There is no one like me that i can think of. Sure some friends say they know people like me. But I am not just someone who can be replaced. I am not expendable to anyone's terms, except my own.

    I was not meant for such things to happen at such a speed, but they did. And because of that, things seem to be.....peculiar.

    I am CLKWRK. All shall know of my work. And all shall know of my message.

    Weather they believe it or not. I speak the truth.

    I am not of this world entirely. I am but a figment of everyone's imagination. Their inner humanity speaking out amongst the sheep in the herd. The wake in the dead of night when all seems to be lost. The light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing shall stand before me.

    Not one to be trifled with, I will overcome any obstacle that stands before me. I will not end my quest. I will never bow to anyone but myself. I will not submit to any force, no matter how powerful. Nothing can stop me. Nothing can silence me.

    Know my name and spread my thoughts throughout the land. I will never fall forgotten. I am everything and anything.
  2. Dude... what the FUCK are you smoking? Gimmie some right now, I'll trade for some of my watermelon lol.

    No but that falling from the building you talked about is pretty sick, maybe you ARE here for a purpose.
  3. Oh look, another thread about someone who thinks he's special.
  4. some might take this the wrong way like you a terrorist
  5. I need not prove myself to anyone on this message board. Just something i thought I'd post on a whim.

    This is not me thinking I'm special.

    This is me knowing I'm special.
  6. As long as you think that you have some special purpose in life then that's all that matters.

    Make yourself.
  7. Onward, friend. Into the vast unknown. I shall see you there... perhaps. I do not know. Hence the name, "the vast unknown".

  8. everyone is rather special. if you happen to be entirely like someone else, then you seem to be rather insignificant if you ask me.
  9. When I was 5 I climbed a 15 foot stack of logs trying to look in my neighbors window to see boobies but I fell off. Then the WHOLE damn stack fell on top of me, the only thing sticking out was my head. Some big pro wrestling looking dude who i NEVER saw before in my neighborhood happend walked by,took me out of it and brought be to my house. Not a single scratch,bruise, nothing.

    I still, to this day, dont know who that guy is. All I remember is he was pretty jacked with long hair and a long beard...God?

    Anyways what Im trying to say is everybody has those moments in life where you feel chosen, but really we are all the same. Its all about how you learn from experiences.
  10. Awesome, we are of similar species. lets change the muhhfuckin world :devious:

  11. OR. Maybe you were chosen too, and have since rationalized it, when really, you can't rationalize it.
  12. Chosen, probably not. Different, very. I know Im different just by the way I act and view the world, and by how other people look at me. But like, if i was "chosen" then wtf was I chosen for? I think it would have been made clear to me by now. When I try to tell people my theories and ideas and philosophys they laugh at me. So I say fuck em, If someone wont listen to you then they arent worth talking to. All you gotta do is LIVE and LEARN. The true answer will become clear i guess.
  13. Some people do not understand some things about life until they are very old.

    And for the theories and ideas, I don't give 2 shits. If your gonna laugh at me for having an idea that sounds cool, then go fuck yourself. (not directed at anyone here) I mean sure, most people will think I;m fucking nuts if i told them if I was chosen for something. But screw them. Sorry if i don't see myself as a sheep thinking their life isn't of epic proportions.

  14. Word. I see where you coming from man. Theres sheeps and wolves. Then theres people like us. Humans.
  15. Just an idea of how you fell and didn't get hurt....

    Babies bones are much more flexible and malleable than the bones of adults. Since they aren't entirely fused together yet, they can produce more give. Also, since you were only a toddler, you probably didn't have the reaction time nor the ability to subconsciously try and protect yourself. This would allow your body to fall and hit in a relaxed state which makes an impact less damaging. Tie that in with the bones of a baby, and it's not out of the question that nothing spectacular happened that day other than what is known as your anatomy.

    I'm not trying to crush your dreams of being something divine and special, but I'm just offering an explanation for your experience.
  16. No worries.

    Would landing belly first, semi spread out, make this thesis any different?
  17. It very well could. Since I'm no expert of anatomy and physics, I couldn't really give you a proper answer. :cool:
  18. Ah. Well, no worries then.
  19. word, i mean who wants to be normal? no doubt many do but the point is that that special feeling you were talking about CLKWRK is not so unique, i think i know exactly the feeling your talking about...and a final word to the wise, dont forget to be humble... hubris is an internal enemy
  20. If the feeling i get is normal, then it shall pass, and I will be the wiser as to know that no man can ever really know their fate.

    Life is an obstacle course, first you run, then you jump, then swim, then you must fly. But how can one fly?

    In due time. ;)

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