Epic movie to watch stoned on Netflix?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Justin127, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone know of any epic, mind blowing, movies to watch while blazed that i could find on netflix instant queue?
  2. Mind blowing eh?

    Watch Shutter Island.
  3. Usual suspects is a great movie. I highly recommend that one.
  4. cave of forgotten dreams is nothing if not epic esp. while baked; definately worth a watch :)
  5. L> comedy movies
  6. Children of Men if it's available.
  7. Great sugesstion dude, it fuckin blew my mind.
  8. Any suggestions?

  9. Ill check all those out in the future.. Thanks for the suggestions..

  10. Check out The Siege and The bodyguard. Watch Ip man 1 & 2 If they're still on there.
  11. due date is hilarious , limitless is good
  12. vice guide to travel

    watch the first episode called pakistan gun markets/bulgarian dirty bomb...blown was my mind.:eek:
  13. mega shark vs giant octopus ... best and worst movie of all time, its so stupid its funny.
  14. i have a suggestion but you have to be couch-locked stoned out of your mind to really enjoy it lol.. Ong Bak 3 (no point in watching the first 2 first b/c the story line makes no sense)... we randomly clicked on it and the movie was sickkk to watch high
  15. Limitless blew my mind and had some awesome effects especially when the drug started kicking in, definitely a great movie to watch high
  16. Magic Trip is a new one to be enjoyed
  17. Troll hunter. Watch it

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