Epic meal time!

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  1. Does anyone else love these youtube videos as much as me?

    Ha post your favorite EMT vid

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3nA2zqeX5Q]YouTube - Maximum Protein Experience - Epic Meal Time[/ame]
  2. actually no, various Canadian people tried to show me these videos during smoking sessions but i just don't find it entertaining or amusing or valuable in any way .... PLEASE explain to me what you like about these videos ? :(
  3. They are strangely addicting.
  4. Legendary bacon flip!!
  5. Everyones got a different sense of humor, im sure there are things that you think are funny that I don't. But hey, to each their own :)

  6. bacon strips
  7. I just saw the deleted scenes for epic meal time... pretty funny if you watch the videos
  8. "Next Time... we eat children"
    haha the guy reminds me of will ferrell so much
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    We're doin a epic meal time at my boys place tomorrow lmao. winning
  10. slaughtering lots of animals :(
  11. i'm a vegetarian and i have seen every episode...my sister calls me the worst vegetarian ever

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