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Epic fail smoking stories

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by peacetoker90, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I just encountered a pretty harsh smoking "epic fail" and thought it would be interesting to hear some other blade's epic fail smoking stories.
    My epic fail just happened after packing a hit of Jack Flash for my waterfall. I dropped the bottle in the pitcher and grabbed the cap ready to put it on. As I twisted it the grooves must have misaligned, and the cap popped off the bottle into the water as I lifted it out of the water lighting it. I thought that would be all. Then I stood up to go get another bowls worth, my only lighter falls from my pants into the water and my foot slightly kicks it knocking it all over my floor. Finally got the mess cleaned and got to hit the waterfall.
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    You've been here long enough to know where the forum for stories is, man....
  3. a week ago some friends and i were toking in one buddy's basement; which we usually do, blowing out the window... so we clean up and start chillin, but then his mom was like hey i need to see you upstairs. that quickly ruined our highs as we were scared shitless

    but it ended up that his parents just told him that they knew we were smoking and to be responsible. which gave them uber + rep.
  4. last weekend riding the lift up the mountain in VT. i was passing the bowl to my friend, we went night boarding, he replies yea and im like are you sure he's like yea. so i pass it and after a second he goes dude i dont got it... he dropped the bowl into the dark abyss on the lift :( so instead we hit the woods trails parked up and rolled a blunt and smoked it on the way down passin it haha was the shit
  5. When I was still new to smoking, I was hitting my buddies bowl and while I was hitting it he kept telling me to keep hitting it and keep going meanwhile I'm thinking my lungs can't hold it until finally I start coughing, however, my mouth was still on the bowl so I ended up blowing all the MJ out of the bowl and all over the interior of my buddies car. Epic fail, but it hasn't happened since. :D
  6. When I was a real newbie to smoking, I was hitting the bowl with some guys and I was pretty high after the second bowl or so, and there was a long pause in smoking so I figured it was kicked and it was my turn to pack. The bowl was passed to me and I blew through the carb to clear it out before packing it, and that was followed by a bunch of "what the fuck" reactions from the other guys. Apparently it had just been packed and they were passing it to me cause it was my green hit... I just blew out a whole bowl of fresh herb.

    Needless to say it took a long time for me to live that one down :(
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    Brand new glass bong + 4 people in a tiny ass dorm bathroom + porcelain sink = EPIC FAIL

    Its unbelievable how anything ceramic can easily smite glass with the slightest contact.

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