Epic fail, friend sparked a joint on a bus

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  1. This buddy is as little weird, everyone knows it and he does unpredictable things sometimes, anyways.

    School ended and me and Ja were going to the headphone bar to try out some headphones. We start walking to the bus, and N and T come along with us. We all decide to match before going to the headphone bar. We get on the bus and go down to catch another bus.

    We get on the 2nd bus, and we're about half a block from the stop. I turn around, and see the joint in T's mouth, with the beginning of a tiny cherry.

    My initial reaction was WTF as I knew the cherry would grow.
    He took two pretty decent hits, and exhaled them, and the smoke went into two passengers faces. One, her reaction was like the guy with the huge fro in this pic, but shock factor was 100x more (Reaction image - Image 1276442315178) Then another women, you could see she was displeased. He continued to smoke the joint, and I turned away. As we got off I apologized to the two women and said im sorry about what he just did, he's stupid. One said thanks, and the other women look like she just saw her baby daughter get run over.

    We left T and were pretty pissed but continued on our day.

    Pretty fucking retarded.
  2. he deserves to get caught...
  3. bwhahaha Ilove that you posted their reaction pics.

    I smoked a blunt on a bus with a friend once, that was high school tho. not public transportation
  4. that dude just wants to get caught if you were two blocks away , what a retard he probably jacks off to hentai as well
  5. A little wierd? Homeboy, lets tell it like it really is: your "buddy" isn't firing on all eight cylinders.

    I realize that, given the group dynamics, you are to an extent stuck with the guy but ,seriously, try to stay away from him because he is only going to get you into some shit you do not wish to get into. This guy is dangerously impulsive. He is bad news. Stay away from his ass.

  6. No shit lol, I don't really chill with him, he just tagged along.
  7. That reminds me of when I was In Destin, me and my boy were walking down the sidewalk at like 8pm, and it was getting dark. I lit a blunt and we just kept hitting it while passing people on the sidewalk. Then we went across the road to the boardwalk, went down some stairs and there was a bench to chill at, before more stairs and the shore. After we finished the blunt we chilled on the bench and the cops came. I guess someone called them but we played it cool and said it was just a black and mild. No evidence on us ofcourse, they couldn't do shit.
  8. I'm glad he did it. The general population need to start getting exposed to this sort of thing so laws can be passed in favor of legalized marijuana. She probably looked upset because the government has essentially told her from birth that marijuana=incarnate evil.

    People need to get over weed as a shocking behavior.
  9. I can't stand stoners like that! Is it so hard to wait a few minutes before you get high?

  10. I disagree. Him doing shit like that is going to make people think that stoners have no regard for anybody else. What that guy did was fucking stupid, and probably convinced the non-smokers on that bus that all stoners are inconsiderate assholes.
  11. did anyone else think that was an odd accusation to make?
  12. Yeah, I thought that was a little strange. Maybe he was projecting. dunno. wierd.

  13. Yeah but he was probably trying to imply that the kid is probably socially retarded. The type of people who are into hentai are usually weirdos.

  14. You ever think that a lot of people just don't like any sort of smoke being blown in their faces? I know I sure as hell don't like it. If I was a non smoker and someone did that, I would rip it from their face and shove it up their ass.. It's just disrespectful.

  15. Whoa, whoa, hold your grey matter there for a moment, sir. How is jacking off to a sexy animated figure covered in tentacles of space aliens or in implausibly erotic school situations weird? I mean if you can't get off to those blue haired, wide eyed vixens, I don't think you are capable of erupting your milk volcano at all!
  16. haha what the fuck?
  17. I have a friend who does shit like this all the time, I hate it.

    Just because someone has poor judgement and gets away with things doesn't mean they should keep pushing their luck.

    It reminds me of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay when he lights up on the plane.

  18. Nah, I think that's the sort of second hand smoke EVERYONE can appreciate brah. You got the wrong angle on this people get cancer from second hand tobacco smoke people get buzzed off second hand marijuana smoke :smoke:

    Also your implausibly violent reaction sounds like a bad idea.
  19. old steve-o style

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