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  1. Beware:long post ahead!

    I gotta tell you guys about my woodshop class last year. This class was the shit. The woodshop seperates into two sections:the wood shop and the class room so theres a wall in between the two. It was the teachers last year teaching so he didnt give a shit what we were doing he even let us watch tv all period instead of doing work I spent most of that class in the classroom I only went out to the shop about 7 times a month all we would do is watch tv and fuck around. The people in this class were so awesome we had stoners,skaters,gangsters, two hicks,a goth dude, and jocks I being part jock/stoner woo! This class was just so diverse and chill I loved it I remember once one of the gangster guys brought in some free vicodin and my friend was snorting it off the desk:laughing: well he crushed up two pills and made two lines and he finished one..so were sittin there chillin and my friend has a line on his desk and we're just jokin around and talkin then we hear the woodshop door open and its our teacher. My friend grabs this book that was on his desk soooo fast and just puts it on top of the line(it was more like a slam) because he was trying to hide the line. Well that just made all the vicodin go up in the air towards my direction. I was covered in drugs! The teacher was like " What was all that white stuff in the air?" my friend scared shitless replies"oh its just drugs"(I thought it was a slick move because whose gonna admit there doing drugs right?) and my teacher just said "Ha, if I said that back in my day I would have been kicked outta class if it were true or not" and he just walks back into the woodshop. We were all just laughing and cracking up about how such a close call that was and how scared my friend Tyler was.

    Another time this kid was smokin a cigar in the back of the class and no one knew and we're watching tv and I start smellin a grape cigar and I mentioned it and we look to the back of the class and the goth dude is in the corner puffin on a grape swisher! were like laughing and shit and it was gettin pretty smoky so we open the hallway door(stupid I know but we had to air it out) and we were like fuck it and just kept the door open. And a couple teachers walk by makin weird faces as they pass our door. Well sure enough ten minutes later we start hearin what sounded like police radio and we're like "see ya nick"(nicks the goth with the cigar) well it ends up being one of the staff members that gets kids and takes em to the office and when one of them come its NEVER good. Well she walks in and says "Have you guys seen anyone smoking in this building?" I was closest to the door and I just said " Yeah, actually some kid I didn't know walked by here smokin a cigar he walked down the hallway into that parking lot down there hes long gone by now" she said oh alright thanks. This lady was completely oblivious that it was us I have no fucking clue why. The room was still smoky and it reeeeked. Nick thanked me I was just like "anytime bro":cool:

    Those are just two of my wood shop stories. I might post another one later tonight if I cant find anything to do. I am in no way bullshitting you believe the story or don't. Sometimes I wonder what they were thinking putting us all in that class. OH one time the principal came to our room and talked to the teacher and when he was done he looked at all of us and was like:laughing: "So this is the infamous sixth period,eh?" one of the funny gangster dudes was like" What Mr.Schneider? are you talking shit about us up at the office?!" he just laughed and said "see you guys later."

    Oh yeah I also got a B+ in that class :D I only did about half of the work that was required too. The teacher was a pretty old but chill a cat so he gave everyone in there atleast a C. There was also only one chick in the class along with one preppy kid. Needless to say that lone preppy kid was uncomfortable most of the time in that class.
  2. HAHAHAHA The lone preppy kid!:p

    I would have fucking love being in that class...fucking full of stoners...and a single preppy kid! HAHAHA!:hello:
  3. Ahh I love those classes...
  4. damn how I miss that class man.

    good times.
  5. haha i can just see all the vicodin going up in the air when u slammed the book on it
  6. lol dude that sounds exactly like my woodshop class last year! i mean EVERYTHING! the teachers last year, everyone sitting around in the classroom which has a wall between it and the shop! the jocks and stoners! best thing after that we had 1 goth kid and 1 girl too lol. but we had a foreign exchange student that was awesome (think fes from that 70s show but cooler) we had 1 hick in the class and 2 preppy kids that felt out of place!

    that made me laugh so hard.
  7. maybe I'm just high, but this sounds so orwellian
  8. Great stories man +rep.

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