Epic Burger Pizza

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  1. I can't take credit for this, but I wish I could. I just found it on chan4chan. It looks so good. I'm gonna try it next time I get enough money to make it.

  2. I'd fucking eat that dude + rep
  3. Holy smokes! Hahaha, epic! I´d eat it!
    Sure looks like it would taste great! and sooo much cheese :) I love fried/baked cheese :yummy:
  4. Damn. I'd feel vile eating that.
  5. The munchies are the reason I'm so full right now, but they're still in effect cause I'd love to mow down on that piece of art.
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  7. ^ Looks like you didnt melt the cheese all the way :(

  8. May he burn in hell for doing so lol jk
  9. It's a cool idea but if you're going to make an "epic pizza" go homemade. I wouldn't use pre-made dough or delivery pizza. Make it all custom to fit your taste.
  10. Oh my god...

    You've got to be stoned out of your mind to come up with those monstrosities...

    You have a marketable idea, because god willing if i was to pick up a half O, I know sure as hell id pick up one of those things to!!!!

    I WANT!

    (cheese could be melted for about 13 more minutes on the middle one)
  11. fuck burger pizza, its all about the pizza burger

  12. With the birth of this thread alone, obesity rates in the United States tripled.

  13. lol, this stuff makes me sick looking at it.

  14. lol, this stuff makes me drool looking at it [the pizza burger, the burger pizza is just nasty]
  15. Gross. To both of them.

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