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  1. I was just watching a 60 minutes or Primetime or something and there was a segment on Ephedra and users. Im sure most of you know what ephedra is, the shit they put in those diet pills that help you lose weight. Anyway theres been 16 deaths that the cause was provent to be ephedra, and they still kept it legal with a warning on it. Just recently they made it illegal and the segment was about people who still use it. They went to the store they used to buy from and grabbed all the bottles and stocked up on it. These people are using an ilegal substance, and are on TV telling people about it.

    I normally would have just changed the chanel and forgot about something like this, but something caught my attention. The reporter or whatever said, "ephedra is not a drug, its an herb, picked from a plant"
    I thought, hmm. An herb picked from a plant is not a drug, and the media is admitting it?

    I smoke an herb, picked form a plant, but if i, or any of us on here went on to 20/20 and started talking about weed we would probably be looked down upon by millions of ignorant people. The show would probably portray us as shitty people who live shitty lives, and any problems we had would be blamed on weed.

    That is so fucking aggravating. These people use a pill to change their looks (because theyre too lazy to run and cant be bothered to make a salad once in a while) and no one gives a shit. Theyre just normal people like everyone else.

    We smoke an herb, picked from a plant, which has not been processed, made into a pill, or had anything extra added to it, to put us in a better mood/make us feel better/have a good time/etc., and we are scum. We support terrorists. We are criminals. We should all be jailed, and we are all troubled. Were bad kids, bad parents, bad people.

    What makes ephedra users better people than us?
  2. weed users > crazy dieters with problems

    how many people has weed been proven to kill?

    simple as that.
  3. Does it feel like the Twilight Zone to anyone else?
  4. If the setting is right.
  5. it doesn't just change your looks. It gives you energy to run and shit. I've taken it a couple times and never been a big fan of it. I do agree with the main point of this thread. The media just makes up all kinds of bullshit and won't apply the same standards to everything.
  6. i took 2 yellowjackets before a hockey game a few years back..... and wow, i dont think i had to catch my breath once.
    bad shit though
  7. a buddy of mine bought a pack of stacker 2's. it says you can feel the effects in just 45 minutes. so i decided to take one to see what it 'felt' like. it was basically pure caffiene. i didn't sleep at all that night. it wasn't worth it. i'd rather just drink a few mountain dews.
  8. Yea Ephedra sucks big time. It has been linked to hundreds of deaths(>16) as far as I know. Oh and although it has been made illegal, this has not gone into effect yet(or it hadn't at the time of the people clearing the shelves of it).

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