Envirolite 250W versus Envirolite 200W for growth

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dominhated, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I want to order an envirolight 200W for Flowering.

    But for growth shoul I take a 200 or a 250 watt?
  2. more watts = better growth, what spec are they? or are they dual spec?

  3. 1 x Envirolite 200W 2700K red, for flowering
    1 x Envirolite 250W 6400K - white/blue, for growth
  4. if you have the money snap them both up, and as you flower switch to the 2700k.

    youll get better growth with the 6400k and better buds with the 2700k
  5. id say buy them both! use the 250watt for veg and then use both the lights for flower! if you got them both use all the light you got and give a wide spectrum of light!
  6. Thanx a lot for the input.


    Using both for the flowering is a good idea. Thanx.
  7. yup you wont be dissapointed i saw a guy grow a really fat WW main top with an encirvo grow light, but then again they dont compare to a HID although the floros last way longer
  8. Hi grow friends!

    I use 250W grow lamps.. On page Grow lamps for growing and flowering phase are very nice prices.
    I reccomand especially 250W for growing phase, because lot of the lamps have not enough lm.

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