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  1. Whats up everyone. Im extremely new to this and have only smoked 3 times. I used a glass bubbler once which was the best smoke ive had. Besides that I had the cheap plastic bong. :(

    I want to get into this more and want to get my first piece but dont know what to get. I see many people like Roor and Toro but I dont want to drop 3-400$ on a piece if Im not sure how into smoking Im going to get. Im a big hookah smoker but havent ventured far into the MJ.

    Im going to swing by my local headshop to see what they have. I know the thickness is something to look for but what else is a positive of a good piece? I hope piece is the proper word. Im not sure if I want a bong, or pipe. Ive seen a steamroller but dont know what I would like best.

    Just trying to get a vibe on what everyone else likes and what is a good piece for an entry level smoker. Id love to get more into smoking and even try growning eventually but for now just starting out.

    Thanks, keep on smokin:smoke:
  2. i would start with a pipe or a smaller bong if you are this new dont spent too much money cuz imo glass is glass
  3. I'd go with a nice spoon, which are the basic glass handpipes you see everyone with. They're portable, easy to clean, and always pack a nice bowl. They are also easy to keep out of view and are usually cheap so if you break it, it won't be as big a deal as if you broke your new illa. Blaze it up tweeK.
  4. first of all. welcome to the city mah man. Im sure you are going to like it here.

    and yes. piece is a common term for smoking devices.

    Honestly, if i were you, i would just get a spoon ( a normal glass pipe ) no point in spending a lot of money if your not even sure how long your going to be smoking for, rite??

    But yeah, when looking at a new spoon, thickness is really important, you dont wanna drop it and have it shatter. Also, bowl size is important too. there is nuthing i like more then a fatty bowl.

    Your also going to want to look at the size of the hole at the bottom of the bowl. You dont want it to be too small, or too big. Just look at all the pipes and you'll get an idea on how big it should be.

    And the most important thing when picking out a pipe is the way it looks. pick something out that YOU like. Dont trip about what your friends say. Its YOUR pipe. YOU should like it rite??

    Thats about it for pipes.

    With bongs, your going to look at how thick it is (again, dont wanna dink it on something and have it shatter)

    Also, look at the downstem (ask the people at the store what that is if you dont already know) check and see if its diffused or not. There are a few types of diffused downstems. The two most common are slits and holes. Slits are exactly what they say they are. they are slits in the glass that force the smoke through them (creating a better filter of the smoke through the water) and the 2nd most common (my favorite) is the hole diffusers. Again, its exactly what it says it is. they are just holes drilled into the downstem. In my opinion, this type of diffuser does its job the best. It doesnt create much if any pull (how hard you have to suck on the bong to get the smoke through) and filters it the best.

    Another thing you want to look at the joint. The joint is the part of the bong that the downstem slides into. (again, the shop keepers will tell you want that is if you dnt already know) You want to make sure the joint has a nice solid weld. The joint is one of the weaker points on a bong, you wanna make sure its nice and solid.

    Thats pretty much all you need to look at when picking out new glass.

    Lemmie know if you need more info. i feel like im rambling now.

    P.S. dont go into the store asking for a new bong. Usually the shop keepers get pissy about that (not pissy, more anoyed). You want to ask them about there Water Pipes. thats what a bongs real name is.
  5. You should buy a cheap bubbler. Bubblers are much smoother than pipes or steamrollers, but you might not experienced enough to use a bong. I smoked a couple of bowls between about 7 people and most of them had only smoked 1-5 times before and 2 people thought they were going to die and someone else took a huge hit and ran to my sink and threw up. Also, you might regret spending too much money on a piece if you decide to stop smoking for some reason. You will be very happy with a 20-30 dollar bubbler trust me. Also don't even worry if your first piece is too thin it will still last a while and if it does break, you will probably have smoked enough where you want a new piece anyway. Happy toking and welcome to GrassCity. :smoke:
  6. start with a steamroller. once you get used to it, pick up a nice bong and impress your friends with your massive lung capacity :D
  7. IDK if thats good info or not. Starting out with a Bong wouldnt be a bad idea at all. Its going to save him money in the long run (if your just starting, 1 or 2 good bong rips are going to get you high), so you dont need to use as much weed.

    It is going to be harsh though. If you can get passed that, and just tough out the coughing at first, a bong will be your best friend.

    And with time, you will start coughing less and be able to take bigger rips.
  8. if i were u id start with a small nice glass piece, maybe like a 20-30 glass piece that is pretty thick, has a big bowl, and a big carb with some good colors
  9. Woo tons on posts right away. Im loving this forum already. Has tons of info. Bizzoo Thanks for all the info. Smokin a hookah with a diffuser is way nicer then no diffuser. I really like bongs. I think they look like a piece of artwork. Only thing is I cant really find a cheaper quality bong, online that is. I like a spoon for the stealth factor but I still like a bong.

    Maybe a bubbler would be middle of the way. I just cant get over the milkin videos with bongs.

    No one will influence me on the style. I have a set style I like, fuck friends its my piece. :)

    Grasscity RULES
  10. Honestly, dont waste your time with a bubbler. They are a pain in the ass to fill (in comparison) smell nasty and dont rip that much better.

    For your first bong, i highly recommend going in there with like 150 bucks maybe. Get a nice tube with a perc (any kind will do) and spend the rest of the money on a diffused downstem and a nice bowl (if the one you choose doesnt already come with one.)

    There are a bunch of bongs on this website actually, all will do the job just fine.

    Check out your local shops, look into PHX, they make some pretty good starter bongs.
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    My first piece (I still have it to this day) was a 45$ bubbler. Works beautifully, is really durable, and is a crowd favorite.

    My suggestion is to get something similar, get to know your way around taking care of and using glass and make sure you're ready to make smoking apart of your lifestyle before you go dropping 100+ bucks on a bong. The water-filtration of the bubbler will help you with your hits, while still allowing you portability and discreetness.
  12. A spoon is great for a beginner. It's convenient, no water to use, easy to load, concealable, low cost (unless it's a headie piece). If you do get into smoking though I would suggest your next purchase to be a nice glass bong. You could probably get a nice glass on glass at your local headshop.
  13. Guess I just need to go to the shop and see what I like. I have yet to smoke out of a nice glass bong. The glass bubbler I smoked out of was nice tho. Im going to make it over the the headshop tomorrow to see what I can find :)
  14. my first "piece" was a stolen tobacco pipe from the china man in our mall, that and thick computer paper.... I loved my pipe, cause for a beginner it's everything you need... it's easy, its effective, easy to clean, and it doesn't stink like smokin joints/blunts and trying to hide the stentch from parents or whatever is an acquired skill.
  15. Good luck mah man. Take your time when your in the shop. If you dont see anything you 100% love, dont buy anything. You can always go back, or check out other shops. But you cant return anything.
  16. If I had the knowledge I have now 3 years ago when I started getting into glass I would have saved the few hundred I spent on regular prodo or locally blown bubblers/spoons/bongs and treat yourself to something nice. I'd say Roor 5mm straight is a good entry point for a great tube. Blue Dot, Z.O.B., Medicali, HVY, are all good starter tubes as well. You really can't go wrong with any decision you make...but if you feel that you are going to enjoy having/collecting glass I'd skip the initial cheaper pieces and treat yourself to something nice.
  17. In all honesty, a bubbler would be the best for you, it can be used wet or dry, a spoon can only be used dry, a bubbler can pull double duty.
  18. I was going to say the same thing,
    make sure when you walk in there you get what you want. You'll know what you want once you see it cause it will catch your eyes. Id check out a few of your local headshops try to find out what one will give you a better price. Also dont be scared to try and talk down the guys in price that are working there, or try to get them to include some free shit if your go to spend a good amount.

    personally if i was you id just get a nice bong preferably glass on glass, nothing to fancy though as it is your first bong and you dont even know how long your going to be smoking.
    But if you dont feel like getting a bong id look into bubblers. People say they stink and there a pain but if you keep it clean after every smoking sesh it shouldnt be a problem at all.

    Just take a look around man, dont rush and look for something that catches your eye.
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    well, i got a glass pipe when i started smokin more (beg. of last winter), recently got a 7" bub that came with a free mini glass pipe, and got my first good bong this past sunday. i got all the pics in my gallery.
  20. Go for a bubbler my good sir.

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