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  1. tonight episode is titled "the young and the stoned" hahaha hopefully theres a decent amount of weed in this episode

    heres a clip of entourage for those who have been missing out:


    can somebody embed this?^
  2. Don't have HBO but my older brother watches and just bought like the 2nd or 3rd season. Awesome show. Enjoy just as much as when Seinfeld was playing new episodes.
  3. one of my favorite shows... damn im psyched! wat time tonite?
  4. Yeah, I love Entourage. I know a dude on Xbox Live from my area who blazes and says he looks like Turtle. My buddy wants to be an actor, and that show is the way I picture things if he were to make it.

    Sorry to take the thread OT so early but, does anyone know when Weeds is going to be back?

  5. i think tomorow dude, not sure tho
  6. I also like the show Flight of the Conchords on after it :) maybe its just me?
  7. Entourage is without a doubt one of the best shows on tv.

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  8. 10 pm on the east side...i cant wait...

    bl4z3d lol i know u....thanks for the juice u sent me! lol
  9. why did u repost that video? lol i gotta wait till tuesday to see that episode....looks worth the wait tho!

  10. He asked someone to embed the video.
  11. thanks Bigsmoker

    20 min till it airs here :hello:
  12. Like the first 4 episodes are up on bittorrent so go ahead and snatch them.
  13. That one girl that Turtle picked up is annoying as hell!
  14. great episode...i always find the ones involving weed to be the funniest
  15. A guy who works at my local bong shop looks, talks, and dresses just like Turtle.
  16. Maybe it is, and he's just got a side job selling bongs. That would be pretty sweet.
  17. o yeah hahaha forgot that sorry:p o yeah that was meant for bigsmoker embedding the video n shit....never mind:p
  18. Show was ok
  19. No problem

    its all good Canuck

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