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  1. This is my favorite show, it's just awesome. :cool:

    What do you think will happen when it starts again? :)
  2. I was disappointed when they delayed it until september. Usually Entourage is my summer show. But it is the coolest show. I can only assume Vince is gonna be getting bigger and bigger after Cannes. They are gonna have to find away to shock me because the show has been getting less and less like a party since the first season.
  3. i really do like this show a lot.. the last season was very predictable though.. ended the same as season 2. But i think since it was delayed it will really be a good hit show.

    whose your favorite characters?

    turtle for me. just because he smokes mj constantly
  4. Ari is my favorite character, but turtles my second favorite :D that dude's awesome
  5. its sex and the city,

    for men!
  6. Johnny Drama is hilarious!
  7. Season 5 airs on sunday! :D I'm so fucking excited i hardly can wait.
  8. Sweet... I completely forgot it started this week.
  9. I've never understood this fascination with Entourage. All the seasons are exactly the same. There is no plot to speak of, which means no story development. There is absolutely no depth to the characters or any development to speak of. They always find themselves in the same story arcs season after season and they all recycle the same lines over and over again.

    Is the show fun and addicting to watch? Yes, but it is hardly anything special in the least bit. Just another program that placates to the masses by showing them something that they want to see and nothing else. Nothing deep behind it, nor anything substantial.

    I think Entourage's success just goes to highlight how dumb and easy the general viewing public is. You should all be ashamed in liking such a bland show.
  10. "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

    I think it's a damn good show and i don't feel ashamed at all saying it's my favorite one. :)

  11. TRUE THAT!!

    I love that show.

    I've been waiting for the 4th season, and I thought it was pushed back from the beginning of august to the end or something...(or maybe I just had the dates wrong). Either way, I'll catch this when it goes on sale for 20$ :smoke:

    I wish I watched regular TV or CABLE, so I could stay up to date on things. I just hate working around other schedule so I always wait for the DVD's.

    PERHAPS i should try tevo or something so I don't have to wait.
  12. Dam Foop is pissed:p. Yeah I noticed how the same story will repeat itself throughout the seasons. But I disagree about the lack of character development. It might not be laid out in a traditional sense but I don't think the show would be so successful if it were not for the characters. And who said entertainment has to be deep or substantial:D?
  13. shytz gon be a banga
  14. yo i just realized that its gonna be on tomorrow night i'm fuckin soupt
  15. The new episode was pretty sweet:p I liked the ending haha
  16. Haha it was great :) I've watched it two times already :)
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    I guess you haven't been watching the same show i have. they're a bunch of average kids from new york who get swept up in the politics and business of hollywood. I guess you're not smart enough to pick up on the subtle commentary on greed, wealth, fame, pride, friendship, family. Some of the characters like turtle are static, but others change drastically like eric. Don't be an idiot.
  18. haha hell yeah was just going to say the same thing.. I love the show too. kicks assss i own all the seasons been watchin em waiting for season 5 to start first episode was sick cant wait til sunday!

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