Entering my fourth week of flowering. Spots

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    So I just now finished my third week of flowering, and I am entering my fourth week. So I was checking up on the girls this morning and I did notice to what it seemed to me like some discoloration along the edges and tip of the leaves closest to the bud production. I just recently did a flush since it seemed to me like they were getting too much nitrogen, since it is what I was giving more of on the NPK ratio. Anyway there seems to be no more falcon talon going on but am I right? Is there discoloring going on is it some type of deficiency? My other concern is I know it I'm only on my fourth week starting. But are my buds too small to be leaving third and entering fourth week or are they average size ? Thanks again guys side note i started only giving it botanicare bloom and always ph water from 6.2-6.8

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  2. Looks good

    with 4 weeks to run

    any bad stuff would show by now

    as the plants reach full senescence

    you can expect more yellowing

    more light may improve buds

    good luck
  3. I think it's the opposite of a deficiency. It looks like the very beginnings of too much P&K nutrient burn. It starts at the very tips of the leaves. Don't worry, it's not to the level that would effect anything. In fact some hydroponic growers will raise the p&k until they start to see just the tip of the leaf yellow and then back it off.

    Don't take what I say as the final word. That type of symptom is hard to diagnose and if the yellowing isn't restricted to leaf tips it could be potassium or phosphorus deficiency instead of burn. I doubt it though. Different symptoms of different problems can mimic each other. Deficiencies can also be caused by too much of a nutrient. When you get buildup of certain elements it can prevent uptake of others. You can also get nutrient uptake prevented by the ph being too far off having nothing to do with how much you are feeding. The pictures aren't the most detailed. If you used a camera flash in natural room light you'll get the best color for diagnosing problems.

    If we knew more about how much ml/gallon and how often you are feeding of exactly what it would be easier to tell if your feeding too strong or too lite.
  4. If you're talking about botanicare pure blend pro that has a pretty good npk balance. They make a lot of different bloom nutrients some soil and some made for hydro. They have different npk numbers.

    You may want to add a cal/mag supplement when using just the bloom.
  5. So yes I was doing the pure blend pro bloom, which is 2-3-5 and using 25ml/gallon also since I was using RO water I would add calmag (general organics) which is 1-0-0 and flowerlicious (general hydroponics) 2-0.8-0.02. When I saw some falcon talon going on on some leaves then I did a flush with 6.5 water. Now I'm going to go back to just the botanicare. I came in two days ago into the room and one of the plants leaves were pointing straight up like they were praying to the light. I've read it's good and ive read it's bad, any idea?

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  6. Plant posture is an indicator of overall healthy and vigor another indicator is fed rate. If your plant is "praying" and feeding heavily I wouldn't get too concerned about a little color on a few leaves.

    As I said though it looks like a slight burn. You may want to reduce the bloom to 20ml/gallon and add the cal/mag again. 25ml/gallon sounds like a hell of a lot but 2-3-5 is low strength. I'm using a 5-0-1 and a 0-10-10 right now for most of my npk so my dosage amounts are around 6-8ml's a gallon.

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