Enter The Void

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  1. Watch that shit stoned. Watch that shit sober. I think it's essential viewing for any movie lover. (But especially stoned.)  :smoking:

  2. I could only get 30 minutes in (I realize that sounds bad) but honestly what got me was when the character blinked, fuckin annoying. And when the character smoked.... whatever he smoked outa that pipe. Was it supposed to be DMT? I doubt any drug addicts/dealers are fiending for/selling DMT, but yet that scene was uber long and full of colorful visuals.
  3. People love DMT. Especially psychonauts.  I got up to that part but I was like I'm definitely going to save this movie till I have boomers or cid again!
    Haven't happened yet in like 2 years due to my situation! Fuck
  4. I liked the POV but didn't like the incest.
  5. Incest? What the fuck?
  6. Yes. I don't know if you seen the movie but there was heavy incest overtones
  7. Hell no I didn't watch the movie, and probably wont see it if there's gross as incest in it. 
  8. pretty good movie, probably the closest to mainstream noe has come.
    you're right, drug dealers don't sell drugs.
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    I just don't see the point in watching a movie during those moments.
    But maybe it was just the damn blinking (that turned me off the film), it was too often and extremely abrasive.
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    I mean in the context that the main character was presented the whole scene made no sense.
    But if you could stand it kudos, I'm sure it can be a good film.
  11. not hating. Personal preferences brah
  12. My mates and I smoked a good 6 blunts before watching it, however we started in the middle and it was just too graphic for me. Didn't help that the first thing I saw was some freaky baby killing or something. Kudos to whoever watched it the whole way through. Anyone watched it while on psychedelics?

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  13. It was fucking mental.. The theme song alone makes me feel hectic.. fuck, im high :smoking:
    Go to 4:20
    if you think that enter the void was too graphic, do yourself a favor and don't watch noe's other work.
    or do, because sometimes we need to be revolted.
  15. I've only enjoyed one movie on psychs and that was Apocalypse Now Redux. But that movie sheer blows my mind every time I watch it. And even then, I had a persistent feeling of "We should be jamming some tunes and rolling on the floor,  it would be a better use of our time".
  16. That movie is a hell of a trip. I was a big fan of Gaspar Noe and was pretty eargerly awaiting this film when it came out so I went in with high expectations and I was still blown away by it. It's got some of the best and most inventive camera-work I've seen in ages, it's crazy that the film is entirely through POV shots, though mostly through a ghost so it gives off a pretty lonely vibe (especially when he's aimlessly floating through the sky of Tokyo).
    It's a really terrific film, I'm sure not everyone will love it, but don't let the incest turn you off it.
    He stops blinking after 30 minutes (for obvious reasons).
  17. Damn, I guess I should just give it another go then, I thought he'd blink the whole time hah.
  18. Great movie imo; trippy as fuck but kinda depressing.. 
    Worth a watch if you're into psychedelic movies..
    There's also an ungodly amount of sex in that movie.. 

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