Enslaved - Odyssey to the West

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  1. I got the demo on XBOX live just last night...didn't show a hell of a lot but did it's job well in that I didn't feel ripped off by not seeing enough, but wanted to experience more.
    I don't usually get struck by a game like I did when playing this...usually I'll see games, think "hm, that could be good" at most, but in this case I'm now actually wanting to play this game ASAP.
    It has elements of "assassins creed" "uncharted" and "god of war/dantes inferno" type games in there, a REALLY nice sci-fi setting in an interesting looking universe, to me it looks sharp as all fuck too, and seems to have a decent storyline to boot.
    The combat is relatively simple, quite stylised without being confusing or fiddly.
    VEEEERY cinematic.
    Yep, I think I'll like this one.

    As I said the demo is on LIVE at the moment (not sure about psn?) but here's a link to the video anyways.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIOP6KQ_ugs"]YouTube - Enslaved Odyssey to the West Debut Trailer [HD][/ame]
  2. Yeah i checked the demo out too, pretty decent game IMO
  3. VERY nice concept indeed,
    However I think they should have changed the fighting system..
    It feels like an beat em up now.
  4. This video is good,I like it!
  5. It seems like a cool game, and the story sounds pretty intriguing. The visuals are what really caught me, since this is a post-apocalyptic setting in New York, but the whole place looks like a level out of Crash Bandicoot.

    I'll probably wait two weeks after it's been released, then grab a used copy at GameStop.
  6. ^ agree, if i get it thats what i'm gonna do

  7. Best way to do it nowadays. Plus, I signed up for their new PowerUp Rewards Pro card, so I'm just trying to bank on used games as much as possible:cool:
  8. Me? I have a chip or...something? just get the games I wanna play pretty much as soon as I like to...I won't glorify it, but games cost too fucking much and I have better things to spend the money on. Though I do pay for membership and buy originals of the games that I'll be playing online.

  9. Games are getting pricey, I'll give you that. Although I usually wait about 6-8 months before buying the new, "hot" game that's on the market.

    Unless it was a game I was extremely excited about and had been waiting for it for years (God of War III, Heavy Rain:cool:).

    Thankfully, I haven't spent every dollar on games. I probably waste $60-$120 a month (mostly pre-owned, though).
  10. Yeah pre-owned I don't mind, have a little collection of those, or yeah if it's something I really want, I'll wait for it to fall under half release price generally.
    A lot of times I'll get a copied game early, and then if it's replayable and I want to check out the online modes, I'll buy the original, usually by the time it's cheaper anyway.

  11. Word, bro.

    Gaming and frugality go hand in hand.
  12. I traded in red dead redemption and a few other games towards the purchase of Dead Rising 2 and they gave me an extra 25% trade in bonus so the game paid for itself and I had enough to put down a 33$ deposit on enslaved which I'll also be enjoying next week.


  13. Those are some of the few times GameStop actually pulls through for the customer. I've personally been enjoying shopping there more as of late, but that usually means buying games I won't be able to play due to my schedule for at least another month, haha.

    Dude, you should have kept Red Dead. They're releasing a zombification expansion pack that looks pretty badass. Zombie bears, even:eek:
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    i picked this game up with a few others for a steal at gamestop this morning.
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    just finished this. By far my favorite game ive ever played. Its a perfect sci fi story with great pacing and deep character development. by the end of the game i was completely attached to the characters. only complaint is that you only get a feel for how deep the combat system is in the second half of the game. takes awhile for your skills to develop. Still i was never bored with the combat.

    huge spoiler, but this ending scene rocked. finally beating the game in the dark and then watching that epilogue.. thinking, wondering if what she did was the right thing to do.. it was depressing as the dim credits rolled in wishing there were more, but the feeling something like nostalgia... I loved it.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chmqxZ3yZhQ]YouTube - ‪ENSLAVED: Epilogue‬‏[/ame]

    do yourself a favor and buy this game for when that day comes that youre tired of playing black ops. its only $12.

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