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  1. Man is currently in a constant state of extreme insanity, this is the truth.

    What kind of ridiculous, absolutely false world have we created for ourselves? We receive but an incredibly short time on this Earth to experience the brilliance that is naked existence. Our actions in this universe ultimately are entirely insignificant. The universe will unfold as it will – it knows not our ridiculous paradigms of good and bad. It is as it is. It will ultimately end someday, and all humanity will end someday too; regardless of our actions.

    The reality is that this universe is a playground, and that life is nothing but a lifetime of playtime. It is all inherently void of any significance. It is all also incredibly beautiful and can be unimaginably euphoric, when we allow ourselves to be what we are and when we live awesomely, in the moment, and are completely self expressed at all points in our given existence.

    Instead we have created a human paradigm where every little nothing is SO apparently significant to us, where infinite more lives are lived dead than alive, with people live pre-meditated, ritualized lives of false stress and entirely purposeless suffering till there dying day, never to experience the beauty of the playtime that is life.

    All we as a race do is project false images of ourselves. When the image is not received as wanted, we hate the image. Lost in our own illusion, we blame the source and sometimes go as far as to destroy it. This is ample proof that our current mode of existence is not only ridiculous, but downright insane.

    We humans are master storytellers and story writers. Our entire lives are falsified versions of reality, often with absolutely no basis in rational reality. We all write our own fiction pieces that we call 'reality'. Naturally, there is significant conflict between our stories, others' ridiculous stories, and reality.

    Our pain is the product of the friction
    Between reality and our fiction.

    No fiction
    No friction
    No pain

    When observed neutrally and from an alien perspective, it takes not a toddler to realize that our so called 'great men of the world', presidents and religious leaders alike, behave no more like the rest of humanity, and behave irrationally and very, very childishly. Infinite tranquility and harmony have not been achieved yet, and certainly will not be achieved through humanity's current mode of existence.

    It takes not but one look at the infinitely phenomenal canvas of the sky or the gentle caress of the wind in your hair to know that divinity exists, is all that exists, and that every one of us is an equal part of this divine nexus, and as such are perfect as we were the day we left the womb. This beautiful mother of ours has created nothing anywhere near imperfect or devoid of divine beauty, including and especially every one of us.

    STOP THIS INSANITY. Live like the playful animals we are inherently. Many a man often wishes he were a bird. You can be; in spirit. You may not fly physically, but the boundless euphoria of naked, playful existence is a divine, cosmic flight in itself.
  2. we need to start building fires, dancing naked under the moon and becoming ecstatic:hello:
  3. Sure, you'd like to live like this, and I would too. I agree that human stress is a big dumb farce.

    But I think it's far from true that we are inherently "playful animals". Our only inherent "purpose" is to have as many babies as possible and ensure their survival. Humans experience stress not because they have somehow perverted nature, but because nature discovered (through natural selection) that stress was a good way to keep people and their offspring alive. Humanity is exactly as it is "meant" to be-there's no other way something can be.

    If all of humanity had been trippin' about the infinity of the cosmos and the meaninglessness of human affairs, we'd have gone extinct :D.
  4. Ah, but we are not animals. We have transcended need of instinct and fear for survival. We are in a position where if each and every one of us now becomes self-aware and becomes in tune with the divinity in and around us, something absolutely mind-blowingly phenomenal is possible.

  5. Thanks for the reminder.:wave:

    The only true enemies we face, are all of man-made origin, with the exception of disease and natural disasters. When mankind ceases to oppose its own success, in the collective, we will be unstoppable, and be conquering space in no time. The mind of Man, as a collective base of universal awareness has the potential to spread wider and farther than we can imagine, and has already gone far beyond anything that even Jules Verne could have imagined, from say only 100 years ago.

    Just got to keep looking with our interplanetary perception, to see how big we've gotten. Stop looking at the lowest common denominator, and think about taking civility to the next level.

    Fusion is better than Fission. Come together, and disarm your souls.
  6. Well, someone's got to die. We can't all feed ourselves and our kids. Even if we did somehow have enough resources to feed everyone and their kids, the kids would grow up and have more kids until pretty soon we wouldn't have enough food anymore. It's just a basic fact of ecology-the population will always increase until members of the species start dying of starvation.

    You might be perfectly happy living in cosmic-peace-unity-land but starving to death, but you can't say that someone else is wrong for wanting to survive.

    Unless you think convincing people about cosmic peace will either make them stop having sex or allow them to invent an infinite power source?
  7. You will find that in self-awareness and in the buddha-head, the 'right' choices both for the self and for all life exterior to onesself become innate and intrinsic, and require no thought.
  8. Bingo. Earth has plenty for everyone, as soon as we eliminate the mechanisms of the mind that cause us to waste our efforts with weaponry and security, and we realize the potential for creation, and perfection of creation, as a species, we may just produce enough energy for a second big bang.

    Fusion is on the way. Be patient.
  9. a pretty thread

  10. A second big bang?

    It seems to me that the only reason we have any idea at all what fusion is is that people have been greedy, selfish, and stressful for quite a while. Without economic development (motivated by selfishness), how would we have any knowledge of particle physics?

    I mean, some of us might like the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, but I certainly wouldn't, and that lifestyle is certainly not a care-free stressless utopia. And hunter-gatherers would never invent fusion.

    IF someone invents a practically infinite energy source, then I'll be glad to join you. But as long as resources are scarce, I'd rather that I and my family and friends have some.
  11. i dont get what you are saying vostibackle. but ill try.

    its irrelevant how we got where we are and what this is talking about. we are here. its sad that people still live like scared monkeys and that its a social norm.

    i think you are being condescending.

    everyone is glad to join but most dont want to do the work, it seems to be a symptom of the insane humanity.
  12. As would all humans, including myself when I did not find the cosmic consciousness. When you transcend the false sense of self that is attached to thought and a false, separate sense of 'me' and 'my friends', you will fall within the godhead that is the infinite pool of collective wisdom that intrinsically allows for universal harmony and complete self satisfaction at the same time.
    ps. - i love you
  13. Yeah, that's great, I just think humanity would go extinct if everyone became a buddha. Though I guess you can argue that that's OK because if they were all buddhas they wouldn't care...
  14. How so. To be a buddha is to feel in love, eternally, with the very concept of life itself. If everyone was buddha, there would be infinite harmony and complete self-satisfaction for all buddha bodies. There is no fathomable reason to suggest that such harmony will cause the demise of the human race, it can spawn only further unity and creative expression. Listen to your words.
  15. Well, for one thing, buddhas don't have sex.
  16. Buddhists do not have sex. Buddhists are people who devote themselves to a set of doctrines. Buddha beings follow no doctrines but the wisdom of the godhead that guides all lives and life itself. Procreation is natural and phenomenal. It is a small taste of what is possible in the union of two or more consciousnesses; complete personal satisfaction while maintaining harmony and satisfaction for all the other beings involved, intrinsically. It is divine.
  17. Alright, well when you say "buddha" you must mean something totally different from what "buddha" means to me. So I have no idea what you're talking about anymore.

    Anyway I generally agree, people get all stressed about nothin important. But I just think stress has a very natural purpose: to keep us alive.
  18. When I say buddha I am simply referring to the state of awareness - transcension of consciousness. Of inner stillness that fuses with the eternal stillness that is everything.

    We have transcended the need for stress to keep us alive. We have knowledge of shelter, communication, gathering, farming, self protection from hungry beasts, conscious choice, and the imminent possibility of infinite harmony. Neither stress nor suffering serve any purpose.

    You need not fear fire to keep yourself from touching it, only common sense and the knowledge that you will cause an occurance to your body that you would not like if you touched it.
  19. It's interesting that you mention touching the fire... I was just thinking about how that analogy applies to sex in buddhism.

    I believe you that it's possible for a society to function without stress, but I'm sure you'll pardon me if I don't believe every person who tells me they've transcended consciousness and achieved unity with the godhead or something like that :). Guess I'll have to wait till I've achieved it, huh?
  20. You have but to feel it once to know, for yourself. I have not completed transcended consciousness. I fall back into the illusionary realm of the mind, plagued by irrational fears and senseless chaos, frequently. I transcend often though, through active practice and just through having felt the godhead so many times now, and find that my stay in the godhead and in true reality increases every day. 19 years of conditioning and living in an illusion does not just vanish.

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